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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Poll Reply: Laugh I Nearly Died
Date: Tuesday, February 09, 2021
Time: 4:17:28 AM
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RE: Poll Reply: Laugh I Nearly Died

First gomper, I realized you meant to post this under this week's Poll Post, but instead of my moving it over to there, I'll just keep it here and placed "Poll Reply" on top of your subject heading so those showing up here for the first time this week know what's up and where this reply is actually from.

For "Laugh I Nearly Died", as I noted in the poll post, Mick came up with some interesting lyrics, but something to me anyway, is missing bigtime in this song, and I only rated it in the poll a 4. It's a song I really want to like, but overall don't really, as it just falls short. I can see after one day of voting that some agree with me and others agree with you, as polling is all over the place for this one at least in the early voting. It will be interesting to see by the poll's close where it ends up.

To answer your question about 'is 15 years really a long time', well, my answer is yes, it's a very long time, especially in music, for a current band to not release new material! Sorry, but no band, IMO, is still current if they can't come up with 2 or 3 albums at the least, of new material, in that time period. Hell, when the Stones were a new band they came up with that many new LPs in one year's time! No question, old age slows everybody down, including the Stones, and their 15 year drought of any new material is proof. I mean, that one lone "new" song that they released last year wasn't even new, as it was written and first worked on years earlier, with Jagger just changing around some of the lyrics so it fit into what was happening in 2020 with the pandemic.

Should the Stones be given some kind of pass for all the years they been together? Yes and no would be my answer. Yes, they still put on new shows while touring, but then again, are these new shows really new - or just reruns of shows from years past? For the insane prices they charge their fans to see them today, they should be putting on totally new shows, and many of their old fans will still pay to see then play today, we all know that. But I and many old time fans of the band won't pay to see a repeat of what they put on today. Let's be honest, Keith can't play guitar today like he could 50 years ago, and while his fans give him a pass on that since he is in his mid 70s, those same fans bitch that Jagger's singing isn't the same and criticize the way he sounds today. To me, I have no problem with Jagger's singing today and he's still great at what he does, as is Charlie and Ronnie. But Keith is off some, and there's no Bill, MT, Stu, or BJ playing with them today, as they and those days of yesteryear are long gone. So IMO, they should not be charging the prices they charge. I guess that's my only true bitch about them today, I really don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that you're putting on an oldie's show, such shows are still very good and fun to see, but should they be charging top dollar to their fans to put on these shows when they clearly are no more than a oldies show? My guess, knowing MJ, is if the fans are willing to pay a high price, why not do it - and he will and does do it. But that doesn't make it right, and many old time fans like myself who still love the band to this very day, won't be taken by MJ's lifetime greed for still making more money, money that today he doesn't need. So I'll and others will just stay home and spend our cash on our grandchildren while the rest will go out and spend their cash on seeing the Stones play "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" live once again. Guess I got enough satisfaction from them years ago as far as live shows go. But damn, I'll still take a brand new LP from them today, too. Unlike so many fans who hate the way MJ sings today and don't care for any of their newer material (we all read that debate here 15 years ago), well I still like it, I just don't like waiting 15 years plus for a new LP.

Perhaps I went off base on what this reply was mainly suppose to be about, that being the fact they no longer put out new music. But deep down you really can't debate that fact since it's 100% true, they are an oldies band today, but there's nothing wrong with that, either. Other than what they charge their fans to see them play and sing songs - that are 60 years old. I guess that's my main gripe with them now, they charge way too much for their shows today, but to each his own, and if you wish to pay that much, it's your dime, not mine!

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