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Name: Keno
Subject: Mumbo Jumbo for January 2021
Date: Saturday, January 09, 2021
Time: 12:08:03 PM
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Mumbo Jumbo for January 2021

Donald Trump’s Coup Failure & Aftermath (and more)

The reviews are in!:

The worst president ever!

In this week’s Monday Poll Post that is posted below, I noted that the next few weeks would be interesting in America and that we as a people would finally be freed of Donald Trump, the worst thing to happen to America since Richard “Fuckface” Nixon, who was looked at as the worst president of our modern day and an evil man who almost destroy America. Yet in the last 4 years Trump has done far more damage to America than even Nixon had done in 8 years. There’s no question today that Trump is now, by far, the worst all time U.S. President ever! Trump, our current fascist pig leader, scares the shit out of me – well not just him alone, but his sick thugs that will do anything that this mentally ill nut asks them to do, and that was proven on January 6, 2021, a day that will go down in history for all of the wrong reasons.

I was asked in more than one email in the last few days why nothing was written at the Gas board by me - or anybody else, about what had happened in DC on Wednesday. One of these persons noted to me that in the past I and other Gassers would have had a super long thread going about this, as is the current case for all of the other social media sites. Yet nothing was posted at Gasland. Why?

Well, I would think that this person who asked me this should already know the answer, which is, that Gasland is no more and was closed down 3 years ago by me as I entered my retirement. So in reality, there is no more Gasland to post to, as only Gasx3’s archives live on today.

Yes, The Land of Gas was one of the very first Social Media sites back in the 1990s, long before there was Facebook, Twitter, etc, but today Gasx3 is no more. The only reason you still see the name up on top of this board, is that our former Gasland board is today called “the Poll board” and is the posting board for our still running polls. But Gasland’s old posts (about 25% of them) are still here on this old board and are being kept as archives. With that noted, 90% of the old board’s non-Stones political posts, are long gone, as most of them were removed years ago since Gasland was first and foremost a Stones board, not a political board, even if we did talk half of the time about politics here. If you’re a long-time lurker of this board, you already know this and that most non-Stones post, called “NSC” posts - for “No Stones Content” (and all of them were labeled in that way) were always removed weeks after they were posted. They weren’t ever meant to be saved, so most of them weren’t. Now that Gasx3 is long gone, I kinda wish I had kept those old NSC posts up, as they were in a way internet history, since they were a part of the startup of social media on the net – and I’ll note, long before the term was even coined. But back then I didn’t know that was to be; to me it was just chatter among Stones fans. Yet some Gassers here would point out that there were some posters who only took part in the NSC posts – and yes, a few of these Gassers weren’t even true Stones fans. While I always knew this, I guess I didn’t realize what it all meant, and what was removed now is long gone and can’t be brought back. The Land of Gas was closed down since I didn’t wish to run it FT any longer, and the only reason the board is still active today (and the “It’s a Gas! Gas! Gas!” name is still shown up on top) is because I haven’t been able to find the right person who can cut this old board up into two sections, one for the Gassy archives, and one for today’s Poll board. The old ASP issue/problem, which I’ve been talking about here for a few years now, is what has been holding things up here – to this very day. But there’s a time bomb ticking here and I got until September 2021 to stop it from going off. If I don’t, the Gasland archives along the Poll Board can all be lost. No, I don’t wish for that to happen, not at all, but time will tell as to what does transpire here.

But getting back to what happened to America with the insane Trump Trugs and their attempted coup on DC and America, and why nothing was posted here (until now) on this. Well again, even if tens of thousands still drop by this this board every week to see if something new is posted – and that’s part why my old Mumbo Jumbo (aka MJ) newspaper articles were brought back and placed here several months ago… But…. Gasland is still no more…. Yes, I’m here mainly today to post the weekly Poll Post that so many read, yet few participate in the actual voting, as less than 5% of the lurkers vote in the polls each week (but at least that number is up a bit, too, since Gasland closed down). But that’s old news that I always pointed out, and it’s actually a thing that takes place on all web sites that run polls. Few ever vote in online polls. Even if you see a Google poll with 75,000 votes recorded in a day’s time, that too is also less than 5% of their lurkers voting (in fact, for then it might be less than 1%!) But for me, I still like the polls and seeing their results, even if only around 10,000 votes (usually less than that) are being counted each week for our 4 polls. That’s still not bad for music only polls on what is still a small domain – that is, if you compare to Google or any of the giant domains. This joint might be very big for a fan site/domain (size wise, it’s bigger than any other Stones fan site on the net, by far, even with Gasland closed today), yes, it is, but still, that’s all it is, a fan site, and one that is slowly cutting down on just how proactive it once was.

I noted countless times now in the last few years how 99% of the former Gassers can no longer post, how only 15 people (all former Gassers) today have active passwords, and yet only about half of them still use those passwords, and 95% of their posts are today in response to the weekly Poll Post. So my lurker friends, while I always appreciated the love and following here, and I’m still blown away at how many of you who still show up here week in and week out. But this is no longer an active posting board, so the fact that I didn’t post anything here about the coup this week shouldn’t have surprised anybody. Yet it did. But I just felt that it won’t be fair for me to post my point of view here if almost nobody can reply to what I had to say. It was never that way here in the past, so why start that now?

But I did note the other day that I would get back to posting a new MJ this week, yet it wasn’t supposed to be about this. Coups are not supposed to happen in America, and they never did before, and it took a fucking nut like Trump and his thugs for it to happen. Some of us saw it coming, but even we only half saw it coming. We knew this lunatic might try this, and he did. The only good thing is he just made it impossible for himself to run again for president, as I don’t think that even the Republican party would be that stupid to ever again allow him to run again on their ticket, not after what he did this week. IMO, Trump should be arrested for what he did – he clearly incited a riot that as of today resulted in the death of at least 5 people, and caused embarrassment, and destruction to our nation that’s never gonna be forgotten, and that us taxpayers will have to pay for in seeing it all cleaned up (the total cost of this failed coup to taxpayers will be in the millions of dollars). We should directly charge him for this mess, since he alone caused/ordered this crap to happen!

While our incoming president-elect Biden is a proven good man, he sure as shit wasn’t my first choice to be placed in this country’s leadership role. Hell, of the 20 main Dems who ran for this job, he would have been my 19th pick. He’s a nice man, a good man, and he’s light years better a person than Trump. But just about any politician on Earth is better than Trump, other than the likes of other fascists dictators like Putin, or Kim Jong-un. But at the least, it makes sense that such pigs like Putin is in charge of Russia, or Kim in North Korea, but it makes no sense that Pig Trump is in charge here. A nut that lost the popular vote (in 2 major elections now), yet he was in charge of our once great country for 4 years anyway! The first real thing that the Dems in congress must do, is get rid of the Electoral College vote ASAP, and make the popular vote the only thing that counts. It’s the only way to stop a madman from taking office again in America. If this isn’t done, in time we will see another Donald Trump take/steal power, and this new Trump could be even worse for our county, as hard as that might seem to be. But tell me, if you are around 65 plus, did you really ever think there could be another man as bad, really worst for the USA, as Nixon was? Well, it happened with Trump and it will happen again if we don’t get rid of the Electoral College – ASAP! I sure hope that the democrats, who starting on January 20 will control everything, will work on doing that before our next presidential election takes place!

So there is my MJ for this month. Okay, I know, it was a short one, and I really didn't say or write too much about the failed coup... But really, did I need to? We all know what took place and I think the best thing for the USA is for us to now move on from this. While I'm 100% for seeing the King Pig Trump removed from office tomorrow, well the damage has already been done by him and I don't think in the last few days he can do too much more damage than he has already done..... Wait a minute, what did I just state here? Am I crazy myself? Of course this nutcase can still do more damage in less than 2 weeks times! He does need to be removed from office ASAP, 11 more days is just too much time for him to run things.... Hell, another 24 hours is too much time for this fucking nut to hold power!!


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