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Name: Keno
Subject: New Stones Song Rating page is up!
Date: Sunday, January 03, 2021
Time: 1:23:17 PM
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New Stones Song Rating page is up!

Finally this morning, as I listened to the Broncos very last of the season pregame show on the radio (hey, I'm still a true fan, even if they totally sucked this past year and even worst, they aren't gonna fire their terrible, clueless, head coach), I put together the new Stones list page that I'd been promising for a month now. On it you will find the new standings for the songs that we have rated so far, as to how we have rated them. You will notice that once last week's song rating gets completed tonight, there are far more lower ratings than high ratings showing on this new page. As I noted, I didn't want to see a song list with nothing but 10s listed, since my feeling is us Stones fans will rate most of their songs 10s. So early on I did pick some of their poorer songs to avoid that, and now that last week's poll is just about over (it will be over at midnight Eastern Time Zone or 10pm Poll Time and Mountain Time Zone), well, it's time to get to some of the much better Stones songs for us to vote on, starting with the new poll that we will be voting on in just a few more hours for this week's new poll/week.

But for now, let me link to the new page... It isn't too long a page right now, as is the case with all new pages as they first get published. In the future, besides this being the page where we will have the song standings up on top of the page, below that will be future Stones poll results that will be run in time.

Okay, so here's the link: Stones List Page 5

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