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Name: Keno
Subject: Server crash, posts lost, but polls restored
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020
Time: 9:08:20 AM
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Server crash, posts lost, but polls restored

Early Friday morning, my domain's host, AIT, had their 2 oldest servers attacked in a cyber attack which caused the servers to lose all data. So they had to restore everything and after they got that back, they had to go back to their last saved data for the servers, which they do once a week on Sundays. In a nutshell, this means that all data for the last week on this domain and all of its sites was lost, 100% of that, including our polls and all message board posts made this week. So if you visited this site yesterday afternoon when it came back online, you may have noticed the polls for this week were all showing no results for this week at all!

Now the good news.... Since I save all of the poll data every night, and since the poll's database was still working last night, I was able to restore all of the poll data that was lost by the server - so other than for this week's Beatles poll, the other 3 polls are now back 100% to where they should be this morning with no data losses and everybody can now vote again on the current polls (if you haven't voted yet, that is). Only slight problem was with the Beatles poll which did lose a handful of votes from this week, but I'm talking a very small number, like less than 20 votes. So the polls are (well should) be working fine, as far as I can tell. But if for any reason you can't vote today, please let me know asap!

The rest of the domain is another story. As I type this out, first, and again, all other data with a few exceptions, has been lost. That means all the work I did this week is lost. This of course pisses me off since once a month at my Weather site I update the data from the month prior, and had just done that and now it needs to all be redone again. Plus right now I still can't FTP anything, as my permissions have become corrupt, so while I can now post here again (and so can you), I can't update anything other than the polls. So for example, my weather station which my home community depends on, can't update the weather station, and since I can't get to any of my webpages anywhere at the moment to update them, I can't leave a message at my weather station to inform the community what has happen (like I can here). But talk about a flood of emails from my town's locals making sure that I'm okay since the site is only showing last Sundays info and not updating. It's nice to know that I'm well loved in this town, as all of the emails that came in were more so worried about me than the weather site.

Anyway, AIT is working on getting the rest of the domain working asap, so for now while the polls are back up and working, if you go to the any of the main pages where I updated the poll questions, they are showing the poll links from 2 weeks ago. I won't be able to fix then until this other problem is solved

Oh, and get this, I also had posted 80 John Lennon quotes for John Lennon's 80th birthday yesterday - before the server was hit. I should be able to restore that post here as I save that. But, it being his 80th birthday, well as you know, us humans like to celebrate such special birthdays when a person enters a new decade of life, and while John has been gone for almost 40 years now, his fans still celebrated each new decade for him anyway. So that in turn meant that my John Lennon site would have exploded with page views yesterday, just like what would have happened exactly 10 years ago - but which didn't happen at my Lennon site because - and get this, exactly 10 years ago on his 70th birthday, my hosts server died and this domain was down for almost 2 days! What are the odds of that happening again exactly 10 years to the day, and both times on Lennon's special birthday? You would think with John, that only good karma would happen with anything related to him - but not here for some reason.

Okay, so the only other post from here that I can restore besides the Lennon post, will be last week's Poll Post, since it's save by me in Word, but again, the replies to it are gone forever along with the other post I made here about Eddie Van Halen's passing. So goes life, and death, I guess.

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