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Name: Keno
Subject: 21st Annual On-Going Polls Report
Date: Wednesday, September 02, 2020
Time: 7:19:37 AM
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21st Annual On-Going Polls Report

I was planning to post a new Mumbo Jumbo for September’s edition today, but it looks like I must have had yet another senior moment yesterday after I finished writing it up. Somehow, I deleted what I wrote, 100% of it. Boy, that totally sucks, and I think I know what I did. I found this doc today that I through I deleted yesterday, still on my computer, which I knew I deleted, but there it was! Then later on I couldn’t find the MJ article I wrote! I guess in my haste, I must have deleted my Mumbo Jumbo instead by mistake! Damn!!... Have you ever tried to rewrite something that your deleted by mistake before? Well it never works out right when you try to rewrite it, as you forget half of what you first wrote in what you deleted, so, I’m not about to try doing that now or anytime soon. Guess perhaps I’ll get back to what I was writing about in a few months down the road, and I’m in no mood to tackle a new MJ today. But I planned to do that today and well, guess I’ll do something else, like talk about the domain’s On-Going polls, something I haven’t done in a long time, so here I go….

It’s been about a year and a half since I last did a recap of these polls. Yes, I talk about the weekly polls once a week, but only once a year on average do I look at our other polls on the domain. So let me do that today, since I got the time to spare.

Other than the Rock Hall of Fame poll, all of the rest of the On-Going polls were started up in the summer of 1999. They don’t see as many votes per year anymore like they used to, but they still get enough votes per year for us to take a new look at them once a year. So first a reminder about these polls. If you voted in them more than a year ago, you can vote in them again, as the cookie used to stop voting more than once (i.e. to stop spamming) is only in effect for one year. I see nothing wrong in everybody voting once a year (yet few do), as people do change their minds in time – but only if it’s done once a year! But to vote in these polls, or to just look at the results, click on this link to the: Poll Menu, and look under each poll’s Ongoing Poll list.... One last note, remember, these polls just keep running, year after year, so no artist, album, or song will ever really win these polls, since they will never have an ending to them. But I guess perhaps in the future - after I'm gone (hopefully that's in the distance future), they will end, since I won't be around to keep them up and running any longer (unless somebody else takes them over).

Now, let’s start off looking at the Stones On-Going polls first. For the Favorite Stones Studio Album, Exile On Main Street is in first place with 21.6% of the votes, followed by the band’s greatest album ever made, Sticky Fingers, at 18.7%, and in third place is Let It Bleed, with 16%. Then Beggars Banquet is in 4th at 12.8% - but after this one, the rest of the albums lag behind. For example, the next up LP, Some Girls has less than half the votes as BB has. In total, this poll has seen 33,843 votes cast.

The next up poll asks Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Rolling Stones? A total of 18,671 votes have been cast since this one started up and the results are: Keith Richards 36.3%; Mick Jagger 27.6%; Brian Jones 17.4%; Charlie Watts 7.3%; Mick Taylor 4.9%; Bill Wyman 3.7%; Ron Wood 2.8%.

Our third poll to look at reads like this:What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song?. This is our most voted on Stones poll, with 59,274 votes cast and I’ll list the Top 10 for this one, since there’s so many song choices to vote for. You already know what song is #1 since it’s been #1 since the day the poll started up over 21 years ago, and that’s “Sympathy for The Devil” with 6.8% of the votes. Second place is “Gimme Shelter” at 5.5%, and in third is “Jumpin' Jack Flash” with 5.4% of the votes. The rest of the list is: “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” 5.1%, “Paint It Black” 4.6%, “Can't You Hear Me Knockin'” 2.3%, “Brown Sugar” 2.3%, “Angie” 2.2%, “Beast Of Burden” 2.1%, and “You Can't Always Get What You Want” 2.1%.

Then we have the 4th On-Going Poll question that askes this: What Is Your Least Favorite Rolling Stones Studio Album? Just like we all knew what song was the favorite, we all know which album is most unlike, that of course being Dirty Work with a whopping 45.1% of the first place votes. It’s far ahead of all the other LPs, with Undercover next up with 7.8% and in third is Steel Wheels at 7.6%. While a lot of fans pass up voting for this question, it has 13.812 total votes cast.

What Is Your Least Favorite Rolling Stones Song? is up next, and even fewer who have voted in this one… and it’s hard to believe what the #1 song is, or the Top 3 for that matter… they are: “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” at 4.9%, then “Emotional Rescue” with 3.2%, and the great song “Angie” in third at 2.6%. Just what is wrong with my fellow Stones fans? 3 great songs there! For me, the worst Stones song ever made or released was Keith’s flat out terrible “Hurricane”, which came in 8th on the list (while not added in to the list until its release in 2005), at 1.8%. Had it been listed since the poll’s start, I bet it would be much higher up there.... This poll sees the least number of voters for the Stones poll, with only 8,842 votes cast to date, and that's the second lowest total for all of the polls (see below).

The last Stones poll to look at, asks this: What Is Your Favorite Live Stones Album? The Top 3 LPs are:Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! 35.7%, Stripped 12.6%, and Flashpoint 12.1%. The total vote count for this live poll is at 20,126.

Let’s look at the On-Going Rock polls now. These are the domain’s most popular polls and the most voted on question is the first one that we will look at with almost 60,000 votes cast. It asks this: What Is Your Favorite All Time Rock Band Or Group?. The top band is - and you more than likely guessed this one too - The Beatles with 17.4% of the votes, followed by The Rolling Stones at 15%, and in third is Led Zeppelin with 6.2%. The rest of the bands all have much less votes, with the exact total votes cast being 59,816. A very interesting poll to check out (really, they all are).

Let’s see, what’s next…. We have this one: Who Is Your Favorite All Time Solo Artist?Figures this one is next, here’s the top picks so far: Bob Dylan comes in first with 11.6% of the votes, followed by John Lennon with 9.3%, and a dude named Jimi Hendrix takes in another 9.2%. Total votes are at 28,111.

The next in line poll is this one: What Is Your Favorite All Time Rock Duo? Yes, you for sure know the top answer to this one, and they have the biggest first place lead for any of our polls. They are Simon & Garfunkel, taking in 51.9% of the first-place votes, while way behind in second is Page & Plant at 8.7%, and it third, is John Lennon & Yoko Ono with 7.5%. Total votes cast for this one is 23,118.

Who Is Your Favorite All Time Male Vocalist? is the next question up. Leading the way for this one is John Lennon at 19.9%, following by - perhaps you heard of this guy before, Mick Jagger, at 12.3%, and in third is another mighty singer (or was), Freddie Mercury with 6.4% of the votes. This poll does well in the total vote count too, with 45,471 votes cast.

Who Is Your Favorite All Time Female Vocalist? follows next with the late, great Janis Joplin in first with 27.8%, then placing is another departed great singer in Aretha Franklin, at 14.2%, and in third is Stevie Nicks with 6.3%. The total vote count is 20,230, which makes you wonder, why are so many of the voters missing out on voting in this one?

Our “newest “On-going question is next, as this one didn’t start up until 10 years after the other polls started. Okay, it’s 11 years actually, and not really so new anymore, anyway this question asks: Of the Artists in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, who should not be in there?… It was in updating this question the other day which is what reminded me to do the yearly update here at the Poll board. Of course, I have to add in the new Hall inductees each year, usually around April, since that’s when they normally get in. But this year thanks to the deadly pandemic, they still aren’t officially in yet and won’t be officially in until I believe November, since the inductee ceremonies won’t be held until sometime around then. So I was holding off on adding in this years class and then realized, no need to wait and I finally got around to placing their names in the poll the other day.

As far as this poll goes, I find it the most interesting to look at and check up on and is the most active in receiving votes year-round, especially around the time of the inductee ceremonies, which again hasn’t happened yet this year, gotta wonder if it even will or not? (BTW, total votes are at 14,240, one of the lower totals of the polls, see way below at the post’s close, but only because it’s 11 years behind the others). But anyway, not a lot of change in this one, with ABBA still way ahead of all the others in leading the pack and with the lead they have I don’t expect to see anybody ever going a head of them, either. Yet I totally disagree with this result, not that I’ve ever been a fan of this singing group, but to me anyway, most that land in this Top 10 should be ahead of them, IMO.

The rest of the Top 10 goes as follows and I’ll add, of those in the Top 10, Madonna is really the only other Pop act in there besides ABBA, unless you considered the band Blondie to be Pop, but to me, they were more so a real poor Punk band. All of the rest of the Top 10 are rappers. Here’s the full list, and do note that those who were added on to the list after the poll started up, are so listed to reflect that fact - along with the date they were added to the list: ABBA (at 13.2%), Beastie Boys (added 4/11/12) (11.6%), Run-D.M.C. (11.4%), Blondie (10.2%), Public Enemy (added 4/19/13) (9.6%), N.W.A. (added 4/4/16) (8.5%), Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five (7%), Madonna (6.6%), Tupac Shakur (aka 2Pac) (added 4/1/17) (2.9%), and Parliament-Funkadelic (at 2.1%)…. But yes, the entire poll’s standings is an interesting list to look at for sure. Plus, I’ll never understand the jealously and stupidly of some fans at all, since both the Beatles and Stones are tied on this list, while near the bottom, they have 16 votes each (or 0.1% of the vote). How the hell can anybody be so stupid to claim these 2 bands (along with several others who also received votes) should not be in the hall? I can understand how some don’t like either band (yet actually, it’s hard to believe in that reality, as there won’t be any modern-day rock today without these 2 great bands). Are there really some people that are that foolish?…. Yes, there are such morons walking amongst us, but again, no, I’m not talking about those who dislike either band or some of the other great’s who received votes here (even Elvis Presley got 2 votes!), but those few who voted that they shouldn’t be in the Hall - those are the true morons (a word I only use to describe the most idiotic people [like politicians], and which usually doesn’t ever include my fellow rock fans). My guess is that all of them who voted in this way are or were in their teens when they voted.

The final group of polls to look at in this special Poll Post, just like I usually close up the normal Poll Post with, is looking at the Beatles Poll. Unlike the 6 ongoing polls each for the Stones and Rock polls, the Fabs just have 5 such polls. The first one asks: What Is Your Favorite Original Beatles Studio Album? Well I totally agree with this top choice, as the greatest Rock album ever made is #1 on this list, that being Abbey Road, at 18.6%, The White Album (aka The Beatles) at 18.1%, and third is Revolver with 15.1%. While I disagree with the #3 (and #4) spots for this poll, the Top 2 are right on for sure (my #3 would be Rubber Soul, and it came in 5th). Total votes for this poll is at 34,567 votes cast.

Next up asked is: Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Beatles? John Lennon leads the way in a landslide, with 43.4% of the votes, followed by some guy named Paul McCartney, at 24.2%. Then close behind him is George Harrison with 21.8%, followed way behind by drummer Ringo Starr, at 10.6%. Total votes cast for this one is 18,797.

What Is Your Favorite Beatles Song? is the next up question, with the top spot being “A Day In The Life” at 7.8%. Like I did at the Stones poll, I’ll list the full Top 10 here since there’s many songs on the list, so here’s the rest: “Hey Jude” 6.2%, “Let It Be” 5.3%, “In My Life” 5.3%, “Strawberry Fields Forever” 5%, “Revolution” (Fast version) 5%, “I Am The Walrus” 4.9%, “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” 4.7%, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” 2.6%, and “Here Comes The Sun” at 2.2%. Total votes for this poll is at 53,931.

Let’s see, next question is: What Is Your Least Favorite Beatles Song? The Top 3 are: “Revolution 9” at 15.7% (but I half feel that I never should have included this one on the list since it isn’t a song… but then again, I guess it is an album track, so it should be listed, right?…. the other 2 are: “A Taste of Honey” at 7.5% (and no question, the true worst Beatle song ever made, even if it is a cover), and I totally disagree with the #3 pick (so far), that being “Yellow Submarine”, at 4.1%. Did it get picked because Ringo sang it? Not sure, but I like the song myself. You may want to look over this full list too, as just like when this one is asked at the Stones poll, you got to shake your head and wonder how some dislike some of the great songs that made the top spots on the list! Like the #4 song is hard to believe receiving any votes, but take a look and see which song it is!... But one thing for sure, Beatle fans hate this question, as only 9,945 have voted in this poll in 21 years!

The last Beatle poll question is this one: What Is Your Least Favorite Beatles Studio Album? Yes indeed, the Beatles, just like the Stones, have that one LP that most of their fans hate, and for the Fabs it’s…. Yellow Submarine, at 41.2%! Placing is Beatles For Sale with 7.5%, and that’s followed by Let It Be at 6.1%. Really, the great LIB in third? Oh well. Total votes for this poll are also low, in fact, even lower than the least favorite Beatle song poll (and the lowest vote for any of the On-going polls, period), at just 8,585 votes cast. Beatle fans just don’t feel their favorite band has ever put out a bad record. I agree with that and you will notice I didn’t ask in the question for the Beatles worst album, but for the least favorite Beatles album. Yet even asking it in that way, fans refuse to vote on the question. While I also voted for YS, I still like side 2, which isn’t Rock but the orchestral film score, which I also like. But yes, I agree, placing it on a Beatle LP was wrong, never less.

Damn, it’s after 7am, I’ve been typing this up all night! Didn’t think it would take that long to do this, but it did – and I’m not done yet, as I wanted to do a Total Vote Count Standing for the top voted on polls, so here it is:

Favorite All Time Rock Band Or Group 59816

Favorite Rolling Stones Song 59275

Favorite Beatles Song 53931

Favorite All Time Male Vocalist 45471

Favorite Original Beatles Studio Album 34567

Favorite Rolling Stones Studio Album 33844

Favorite All Time Solo Artist 28111

Favorite All Time Rock Duo 23118

Favorite All Time Female Vocalist 20230

Favorite Live Stones Album 20126

Favorite Member Of The Beatles 18797

Favorite Member Of The Rolling Stones 18672

Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, who should not be in there 14240 (Poll started 11 year after the rest)

Least Favorite Rolling Stones Studio Album 13812

Least Favorite Beatles Song 9945

Least Favorite Rolling Stones Song 8842

Least Favorite Beatles Studio Album 8585

So, that’s the order of the most voted on polls on the domain, and, finally, that wraps up the annual On-Going Polls recap for 20202!

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