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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: What will the coming weeks bring for the USA?
Date: Saturday, May 09, 2020
Time: 5:44:21 AM
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RE: What will the coming weeks bring for the USA?

I was reading on Thursday that the only 2 places of the country where cases are down is in parts of California and in the NYC area so far. But of course - those 2 places where where the most cases and most deaths were happening, too, and neither places are reopening yet. But most of the other states are, including here in Colorado, where cases are still rising even if hospital admissions for COVID 19 are now down. Still, with the governor of our state more than likely being the most liberal governor in the entire country, he's allowing the state to slowly reopen. Maybe not like some of the southern states are doing, but slowly some places are opening up since he's taking the position that we have no choice at this rate. I half agree while yes, half disagreeing. Yet on my walk into town today on the main road, there is still only half of the normal traffic - if not less. In town almost everybody was wearing masks, I only saw one person who wasn't - that's compared to a little over a week ago when it seemed half weren't. Perhaps it's just that my fellow liberal locals learned and now feel that since King (moron) Trump has made it clear that he doesn't feel masks are needed - that they must be needed.

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