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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Poll Post for the week starting March 16
Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020
Time: 6:10:50 PM
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RE: RE: Poll Post for the week starting March 16

First to DA, I'm glad you are still around posting to the Poll Post, just like in the good old days when Gasx3 was still around. It appears the other 14 former Gassers who still have passes to post here are no longer doing so - that is, if they can still post... I say this since Gomper wrote me 2 weeks ago saying he couldn't post anymore. I was thinking it was a password issue, and gave him both of the only 2 passes we now use here, but he still hasn't posted since. So is something else wrong with this old board? All I know is DA and I can still post... and what's happen to good ol' manny? Not like him to totally stop posting - or to stop answering my emails. I just hope he's okay. Anyone hear from him of late?

Oh, and if anybody wishes to post and doesn't have a password (that's like 99.5% of you), just drop me a line and I'll get you one.

Now, DA wrote:

The parts with Jim driving a Mustang were taken from HWY, a film Jim made with two buddies from his UCLA Film School days. I have a low resolution copy of it. It's not a very good film (/understatement).

Just to make it clear in case any one reads that wrong; and I realise DA didn't state that the film was made during his UCLA Film School days. But the film was made in 1969, and the Mustang he is driving is a 1967 Shelby GT500, and '67 was the very first year that car was built. Here's a interesting article on Jim's car and how he got it:

To DA: As far as that 1 you gave the Beatles cover by mistake, I'll fix it for you and make it a 7. Cheers! Okay, I better now start on the new poll post, I got 4 hours to write it up before the new polls start - and believe it or not, it takes about 4 hours to do all of that!

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