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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Stones Poll: 4 matches left, not 3!!!
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Time: 5:32:25 AM
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RE: Stones Poll: 4 matches left, not 3!!!

I wrote:

We are now down to the last 3 weeks of matches left to go for the Stones Album VS poll

Nope, thanks to a mistake that I made and I'm not sure how I let it get by me, we have 4 matches left and not 3!

One thing I usually never have done in the long history of the Stones Album Series, is look ahead to what matches are left to be run, and instead I always just pay attention to what has already took place in the past - and as you all know, even keep taps on a list page that shows the standings for these match-ups. But as we get nearer to the series finale, in the last few months I started to look at that, so I would know when the last week would be and when at that time I would resume the other, main Stones poll again, which has been on hiatus for the last few weeks. So in the last month or so, I have noted a countdown to when the last match would be and on this week's Poll Post, I noted that we were down to the last 3 weeks. But we aren't, we are at this time down to the last 4 weeks!

I noticed that my math had been wrong for the last few weeks this morning (Monday morning that is, as I haven't ended my Monday yet) but I didn't try to figure it out as to where I was wrong, until tonight. The LP 12x5 was the only LP with 2 matches left, and with that LP I was able to spot where the mistake was, and as it turned out, Aftermath, which was suppose to be in its last battle this week, actually has one more match to go after this week's match-up is over. Turns out that somehow last year I ran one match-up with this LP for a second time, after it had been run in 2016! That was the paring of Aftermath and December's Children, which at first went up against each other in November of 2016, and then, for a reason that I can't explain (maybe too much weed was smoked in that week?), I had matched them both again against each other in the week of April 9, 2018. Aftermath had won both battles by almost the same landslide margins, one by 79% and the other by 77% of the votes.

I do have a pretty good setup that I put together a few years ago so that a repeated match-up like this would never happened, but figured when I got to near the very end of this series, I might find something like this took place anyway, and sure enough, it did.

Because of this, I had to also adjust the standings on the results page, since only one march can count, therefore, Aftermath lost one win while December's Children had one loss removed from it's total. But fixing this mistake made no difference in the standings.

So that's what happened and yes, we do have 4 series left to go and not 3. But just in case you care, here are the last matches that we will have in the last month of these battles, since to make sure I have it all correct this time, I had to look ahead to make sure everything lines up 100%, and now it all does!.... So the last 4 battles will be these (although I'm not sure in which order they will be run, other than I'm saving undefeated SF to be involved in the very last week of the series' match-up), so here they are: Aftermath vs 12x5, 12x5 vs Their Satanic Majesties Request, Steel Wheels vs December's Children, and again, it all will end with Goats Head Soup vs Sticky Fingers!

Okay, so that takes care of that!

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