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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE:one last thing
Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2019
Time: 11:23:43 AM
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RE: RE: RE:one last thing

I haven't been talking about what I've been voting on myself here anymore, since there's been so few replies and I never wanted it to appear that I'm pushing any one choice in any of the polls, as that has never been my thing at all. There would be no reason to run any polls if that was the case, as I want to learn what others are voting for, since I already know what I go with.

But since some others like to see what my choices are, and it's 2 days out now since the polls started up for this week, I went with TY over B2B. While I always looked at TY as the most overrated Stones LP and nowhere as good as some make it out to be, it's still light years better than B2B, which is the only modern day and newer Stones LP that I never cared for. But that's old news to any old Gasser reading this.... For the Beatles poll I went with the cover song "Money", it's just so full of engery!... At the Rock Poll, I went with the George Harrison song about John Lennon, "All Those Years Ago", which was really a Beatles reunion song, as Paul and Ringo played on it too. But what a great tribute and story George wrote about his late friend... So sad that both of them are gone today... I also like the Elton John song about John, "Empty Garden", too, that would be my second pick, if we only had second picks. The Stones song about Brian is leading in the vote, yet to me it' isn't that great a tribute song. It was really written at first more so as a putdown song about him - and recorded with Brian playing slide guitar on it's first take in 1968. Yet he had to know it was about him. But yes, MJ changed some of the lyrics to the song and made it a lot nicer after Brian passed away - and then released it. Leon Russell actually wrote the music to that song, and played piano on the first take of it with the Stones (when it was still called "Get a Line on You"), but he was uncredited as one of the song writers. He did release his own solo version of "Get a Line on You", too, and was credited on that take.... For the Rock VS poll, I went with the totally underrated Christine McVie. They both sang great, and okay, Stevie Nicks is the better singer of the two. But Christine was the better musician of course, and they were very close as song writers. But Stevie had help on several of her early songs in writing them with Lindsey Buckingham, who wasn't credited, where as McVie wrote her songs alone, as her ex-old man and bandmate, John, only got credited on one Mac song that I know of, that being "The Chain", which the entire band was credited for writing - the only such Mac number that happened on other than a instrumental or two (I think). John is one of the all time great bassists in rock and blues music, but he never was a song writer.

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