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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Poll Post for the week starting June 3
Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2019
Time: 10:38:41 AM
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RE: RE: Poll Post for the week starting June 3

Oops i meant to place above post in here.

That isn't a problem at all! This is now a poll board, so anything poll related can be posted anywhere on here and not only under the weekly Poll Post. We've only had a handful of former Gassers posting under the Poll thread each week, but again, anything poll related is a go here - anywhere. That's the one and only thing this board is about these day, although as I noted when the Land of Gas was closed, is if there's really big, unusual news in the Rock world, that can be posted in a new post, too. I guess in those rare cases we could replace the old "NSC" code with "NPC", for "no poll content", although for the most part, the old NSC type posts are done and over with here, too. This is just a poll posting board today, and yes, one can post about the On-Going polls here, too. Or even other polls elsewhere. A new thread should be started for those kinds of posts, unless I bring them up in my weekly poll post, then they could be talked about under that thread.

One last note, although I don't have a page set up anymore for anybody who wants a password to post with here (and the old Gasland passwords don't work anymore), just write me an email requesting one and I'll send you one! Only about 15 or so former Gassers have passwords today, and maybe half of them have posted since this new Poll board was started. But as I noted back in January, everybody is still welcome to post about the polls here, even if most aren't doing that. I'm just happy that other for the Stones weekly polls, the other polls are all still going strong! I do hope that the Stones poll can start to see more votes now that's it's down to one poll a week, but so far as has been the case since Gasx3 closed down, of the 4 new polls running this week, as of late last nite the Stones poll was again in last place as far as the total vote count goes. So it would be nice if that could/would change.

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