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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Poll Post Monday, May 6
Date: Wednesday, May 08, 2019
Time: 4:49:08 AM
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RE: Poll Post Monday, May 6

Manny, first, before I respond to what you wrote, I thank you for your reply, as we don't see too many such replies here anymore these days, in part since less than 15 people have a password today, and only a handful of them make replies anymore. Kinda sad that is a fact, but I also predicted it would happen once Gasland closed, as the poll thread was never that popular a thread, even back when the board was busy. Yet lurkers (aka people) today are still coming here regularly once a week to read it, too. As long as the polls still get a proper number of votes each week, that's what is the key and all I care about. While the other 3 non-Stones polls are holding their own and still doing well, the 2 weekly Stones polls are off big time in votes cast since Gasx3 closed - other than this week they are both doing very well vote count wise, so far (but it's only early Wednesday morning, too, as I type this). Votes cast this week at the Stones poll are up and where they used to be, and yet normally video poll questions always lack a bit in total votes, since unlike "normal" questions, many don't vote on Mondays when they first see the question, and instead return days later to vote, since they want to watch the video before they vote and maybe don't have the time to do that when they first see the question (that's a guess on my part, anyway).... But not counting the Stones VS poll, which still has a few months to go, after this latest video series is over, that will be it for the weekly Stones poll's main poll, as far as it being run every week, since I'm almost out of new, good questions, after 1032 weeks. That's not to say it will be closed down totally for good, as when and if a good question comes up in my mind, I can run that question at that time. But as far as it being a weekly poll like it's been for more than 20 years now, those days are numbered, since the best questions have all been asked already and I'm out of gas on coming up with new, good news ones these days.

Now, to answer your questions (finally, LOL!). As far as Bond goes, I just forgot about him, I never can remember everybody or everything that should be listed in any one poll when I put it together.... One could argue that his death wasn't too unusual, as he died of a suicide, but still, then again, suicide isn't a normal death, and it isn't like he took a handful of pills like say, Brian Epstein (who isn't listed either) did. Dying under a train is an unusual way to kill yourself, so he still could have been listed, but it's too late now I guess.

I don't care for the Stones video, only gave it a very low 6 myself, as Keith was the only one who seemed alive for that show. Guess since it wasn't live was why the others came off as being half dead in it.

I myself was never a fan of "Old Brown Shoe", but we are only voting on the bass in the song, and not the song itself. But since I never cared for the number, I more than likely haven't paid close attention to it's bass part, either. I went with Lennon's heavy bass on "Helter Skelter", and what would have been my second choice, Harrison's bass on "Two of Us", is tired for first with the first McCartney song (HS) at the moment.

I would say there's no connection at all to the 2 concept LPs we are voting on this week. They just finished first and second when we first voted on then and 30 other concept LPs a few years back. So I wanted to see which one is liked more, and yes, it's more of a what LP you like better, but also which LP is the better concept LP, too. For me, more than likely, I think the PF LP has more of a story to it, but I like - well love, AR much more, music wise anyway.

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