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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Poll Post
Date: Sunday, April 07, 2019
Time: 1:55:00 AM
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RE: Poll Post

I've been out of town the last few days and away from my main computer and only got back home a few hours ago. Seems that my old polling system's spam detection system, which was on it's highest alert setting - and I didn't even realize it, decided that somebody was spamming one of the polls, so it started to quarantined almost all of the new votes for the last 3 days. Because of that, only about 10% of the new votes were showing up, and the rest were all placed on hold until I approved them. But I didn't find any spam votes looking at it tonight, but then again I'm bushed from driving over 4 hours today. So while I just released all of the votes that were held up, including votes for those 2 polls that you mentioned, I do still have the logs of the ones quarantined and will look over them again sometime Sunday afternoon when I work on the new week's polls, as I still have to build and publish them or there won't be any new polls come 10 PM Mountain Time Sunday Night when the new week's polls are suppose to start up.

But yes, both of those polls are very close, and with the Beatles polls only at Part 1 of 3, they don't need such close voting like that at all, as it would make for too many choices in the last week of polling. So to those who haven't voted yet in that poll, please do, as that could help loosen things up a bit, and I'll add, the Beatles poll is the one poll out of the 5 that does very well on Sundays - usually.

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