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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Poll Post reply, plus the best to Mick!
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2019
Time: 6:19:35 AM
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RE: Poll Post reply, plus the best to Mick!

I'm happy you and others still like the questions and are still voting even with Gasland being no more.

Some things I'll never get to understand in some polls. Like George Harrison being in second place this week in the Rock poll? How was he the best or close to the best in the Beatles? Maybe he was tied for the best in The Traveling Wilburys, okay, but in the Beatles?... Then in the Stones poll... How do most people hear a guitar playing at that part of the song?!? To me and from the first time I heard that, I didn't hear a guitar there at all, it wasn't ever close to me to thinking I was hearing a guitar there! Yet that's what most are voting for so far. I can see some thinking it's not a sax, but a guitar? To me, it clearly sounds closest to at least being a wind instrument there, and mainly it sound like a sax to me. Plus years ago that's what I read it was. Yet most hear a guitar there? Even a fuzz guitar don't sound like that! Yet I recall a Gasser saying to me in the old debate we had on this: "Keno, just listen closely, it sounds like a guitar there!". But my answer back then was no, it doesn't sound like a guitar at all to me and never did! Maybe my ears and hearing have been messed up all of my life? Then again, the voting is close and 49% are hearing what I'm hearing, too. But how can more than half hear a guitar there?

In closing the poll post the other day, I had wanted to say something about MJ's health and his upcoming surgery, and forgot. But he's got a very serious problem to deal with there. I lost my mother to what he's got, and it happens in old age to many. That's the thing, with MJ, we don't think of him as being in old age, but he's almost 76 - and that's old for a man! Plus it ain't the kind of thing that he may be able to just recover real fast from - not to where he will be able to run all over the place up on a giant stage again. Not in his mid 70s anyway. I mean, they break open and split your damn chest with this surgery! How does anybody recover that fast? If things go best for him, yeah, he could be okay and playing live in a year or so, but not anytime sooner I would say. They should be talking refunds to those shows at this rate and stop worrying about the money and worry that Mick will be okay.

Then again, this upcoming tour saved his life, as it was the 'before the tour' physical that they have to take for insurance reasons - that found the problem. Yet am I the only one thinking, did all of that coke Mick did in the '70s now catch up with him today? Remember that debate we had here about half the rockers would die around 70 or so thanks to their drug intake, and now so many have? Yet us Stones fans are thinking right now that he would be the last one of the Stones who you would expect this to happen to! But think deeper - he almost is the last one, other than Keith of course. Charlie, Bill, and Ronnie all have had cancer to deal with, and Ron has COPD, too. Now Mick has this. Yet Keith - the one who did the most drugs for the longest time, is okay. I guess that old joke about him and bugs being the only living things to survive a nuclear bomb might be true at this rate!..... But all jokes aside, I, like all Stones fans, love Mick and only wish the best for him, so please hang in there dude, we'll all on your side and are sending positive vibes your way!!

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