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Name: Keno
Subject: Stones to play at SB next month???
Date: Friday, January 11, 2019
Time: 1:38:34 PM
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Stones to play at SB next month???

This could be real big news (but maybe not good news for the Stones)... but while it seems very hard to believe, it could still happen, and you never known, since stranger things have taken place before... but...

The Stones have been officially invited by Maroon 5 to play at next month's Super Bowl 53 halftime show! Seems that all of the hip-hop artists are boycotting the event and refusing to play with Maroon 5 because of the Colin Kaepernick/NFL fallout, and so far they can't get anybody to agree to preform with them. My bet, is considering the true liberal Keith is, that there's no way Keith would agree to this and instead he would side with the rappers. Jagger of course is just as liberal, yet it won't surprise me if maybe he showed up alone (?), to perform on that Maroon 5 hit song ‘Moves Like Jagger’ - you can bet that might interest him... But they actually want the entire band there to play a few songs.

IMO, this won't ever happen, and even MJ might be too much a liberal to go against the boycott. It would, or at least could, make him look real bad if he does, and yes, it could/would make the Stones look real bad, too. So I don't expect anything to happen, still it's interesting to know something just might happen. Here's hoping to it not happening... I might love football, and I love the Stones of course, and while I didn't care at all for what Kaepernick started, I still support his right to do it and feel the NFL did him wrong (maybe?). Then again, he was at work representing his team when he started this mess, and for that I don't support his doing that. So I'm really on both sides of the fence on this. But the Stones would make themselves look bad in the long run if they did this, for sure.... So Mick, please don't do this! It ain't worth what might/could happen!

You can read up on this some more here: Maroon 5 Hoping To Land The Stones For Super Bowl Halftime Show: Warning, read this article at your own risk, as this website that the story is at, is a terrible site filled with spam and terrible pop up crap!

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