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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: holiday shopping gone wrong...nsc
Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2018
Time: 12:09:16 PM
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RE: holiday shopping gone wrong...nsc

The adults in my family don't exchange gifts with each other for Xmas, only for birthdays, so just the little ones get gifts. I haven't gotten a Xmas gift in several years now, other than I usually buy myself something special around this time of year. I just haven't done that yet for this holiday season. My late wife and mom were the only ones who would buy me stuff at Xmas, but they are both gone now.

My mom would refuse gifts for us to her in her later years since she felt that she didn't need anything in her advanced age but love. She would tell us kids if we wanted to do something for her, to donate to one of her favorite charities in her name instead. But mom has been gone now for a few Xmases, and for the last 2 or 3 she was around for it she got to where she couldn't remember if she send us off gifts or not (she didn't, but I just told her she did when she asked, and I would go buy her great-grandson a gift in her name for her). But there is nothing like a mother, and I do miss her and always will, until the day I die. But that's how it goes for all of us with our mothers, you just don't get to have them around forever!

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