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Name: Keno
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Subject: RE: RE: RE: Satisfaction Ed Sullivan
Date: Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Time: 1:52:44 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Satisfaction Ed Sullivan

Well you never know for sure. But 2 likely hints that it isn't her, is that in most of 1966, Barbra had a very short haircut, the longest she seemed to have it back then was towards the end of that year when she had a pageboy haircut (but still on the short side). The gal in the video had very long hair - down past her shoulders, and that was in mid February of '66. I just Googled photos of her in 1966, not all of them show dates, but her hair is short in all of them, and in 2 that did show dates, one was from a photo of her taken in March of that year with her then husband Elliott Gould, and the other shows her on the cover of Vogue - the issue was dated March 15, 1966, so the photo had to been taken at the least, a month before that, around the time of the Stones appearance on Sullivan, and again, her hair is very short in both of the photos, so short her ears totally stuck out, and she looks like she has a haircut that a little boy would get (hey, it was '66, the guys were growing their hair long like the girls and some of the girls were cutting their hair short like the boys)!

So anyway, it isn't likely that was her - unless she was wearing a wig.

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