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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Keith Richards/SMR/LIB/Sue/Glam/PPM vs RS
Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2018
Time: 4:13:46 AM
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RE: RE: Keith Richards/SMR/LIB/Sue/Glam/PPM vs RS

As an aside I think he's an awesome bass player, is that the same thing?

Yes and no would be my answer. It's called a "bass guitar" as it is, so "yes" - but - and this is where the "no" part comes in, when a bass guitar isn't used - and a stand-up bass is used instead, then no, since that isn't played in the same way that you play a guitar (it's like playing a cello without a bow, and of course you hold it differently). Keith never played stand-up bass before, whereas Bill Wyman has (that story about him helping Bill play the cello on the song "Ruby Tuesday" isn't correctly stated, as that wasn't the case on the recorded track, it only happened beforehand while messing around in the studio. I think Keith was trying to learn how to play it there with Bill's help, since Bill already knew how to play one at that time).

Anyway, if you want to consider his great bass guitar playing in this "guitar" question, you can. I didn't, and I flat out love his bass style, but I still gave him a "10" rating anyway, and I tend to go with what gomper said about his playing. He might not be the greatest guitarist ever, but the question wasn't asking that. Plus on that note, he did come up with the 2 greatest guitar riffs in rock history heard on SFTD and on the first half of CYHMK.

You all know what album I voted for in the second poll, but I got to wonder what Manny voted for on that one? We will find out soon enough, as Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays are always his days off here.

I still haven't cast my vote in the Susan poll, since there are a few songs there I'm hung up on. Maybe "Wake Up Little Susie", I'm thinking that one, but I also love "Runaround Sue" and "Peggy Sue" as much, while Lou Reed's "I Love You Suzanne" and Elton's "Susie (Dramas)" are both great little numbers, too. BTW, the EJ song is not titled "Black Eyed Susie" (but maybe it should have been) as somebody wrote me asking, all you got to do is look on the album to see that. Where and why the "Dramas" part got in to the title - I have no clue why, as I don't even know what it's suppose to mean.

For the Rock VS poll I went with Glam, and for the Fabs poll, I went with RSoul, even if I rated their first LP higher in my review of the 2. Thing is, RS was written about and rated by me back around 1999, while my PPM review was written up only last year, and my guess is I would rate RSoul a bunch higher today, since I see I'm doing that with the Stones LPs that I'm in the (slow) process of rating again. Then again, as much as I dig RS, I still think it's one of those overrated albums whereas PPM is underrated.

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