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Name: Kiwi Jim
Subject: RE: Keith Richards/SMR/LIB/Sue/Glam/PPM vs RS
Date: Monday, November 05, 2018
Time: 1:52:05 PM
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RE: Keith Richards/SMR/LIB/Sue/Glam/PPM vs RS

Yeah, I'm not sure about KR's guitar rating - I think by his own admission he doesn't consider himself the worlds best, or something like that. As a riff master tho' I think he's probably in a class of his own.

Apparently Jimmy Page said something along the lines of : "You only have to put on 'Dance Little Sister' and you forgive the guy for anything". Never really sure why that track, as much as I love it, deserves that much credit?

More thinking required - but of course it will be a high score.

As an aside I think he's an awesome bass player, is that the same thing? I know John Entwistle always called himself a bass guitarist. KR's bass on Live With Me just blows me away.

TSMR v LIB, geez, talk about David & Goliath. I know for completeness sake they all need to be compared to each other, nuff said.

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