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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: alone when you're old (nsc)
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018
Time: 5:38:05 AM
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RE: alone when you're old (nsc)

I agree with Talya, being alone sucks, and Tayla I think you got the right idea for yourself, you might love living that way - but you gotta find the right place, too.

But being alone when you're old is the worst thing - since when you're old - and I'm talking elderly, you need others. I fear living alone and I've been thinking that after next year when my grandson is done with high school and will more than likely move out, I'll be all alone, and I don't like the thought of it at all. I've rarely ever lived alone and for the short time when I did, I hated it. Not that I wanted to still be raising kids in my mid 60s, since I started doing that at 19 (waaaay too young an age to do that, as is 65 too old an age to be doing that too), but it's mainly all I've done as an adult, and while I'm looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore come next year, I don't wish to live alone, either.

I also don't want another woman to live with anymore, either, other than if I could have my late wife back, I would take her back in a second along with all of her problems. But getting used to a new woman to live with at my age? No thank you. My last girlfriend, well she also passed away, it will be 3 years come Nov 1, and after she passed I said to myself, no more girlfriends, and I haven't had that kind of friend since and I still don't want one. Yet I'd take my wife Sue back in a second since she was my only soulmate - and you really do only get one such person like that in your life.

But I also make sure that my grandson knows that I don't wish for him to wander too far away once he's gone, too, and I think he knows it, it seems to be built into him. But I've told him more than once, when you were a baby I changed your diapers for you - and when and if I make it into my 80s, you will change mine!

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