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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Several replies in one..
Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Time: 12:37:51 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Several replies in one..

Maybe I just need to stop telling stories online since I don't remember them correctly? After I made my last reply here, I started to think which books I read that in. Then Phelge's Stones came to mind, and I totally recall him (James Phelge) bringing that meeting at the Stones pad up in his book, as he was there on that night (he was their roommate). So lucky for me his book has a great index and I looked up "John Lennon" and the first notation in the index on him says 128-129 (meaning the page number), so I went there and sure enough, the story about how the Beatles, the entire group - drove over to the Stones flat and they played records and did a lot of talking - but no, nothing was written on that night. The next time Lennon comes up in the book's index is for pages 216-217, and sure enough it's about them writing the song "I wanna be your man" - in the studio where the Stones were rehearsing, and yes Oldham shows up there with John and Paul in tow. I do recall reading a part of this now and sure enough that was when and where the song was worked on and how impressed the Glimmers were on how the 2 Beatles just went off to the back of the room and came up with the finished song and how they wrote together. That's why the Glimmers started to write together in that matter.

So I got my stories mixed up - to say the least, sorry. I could have sworn that the song was written at Edith Grove, but guess it wasn't. Maybe I really need to stop telling stories online since I can't recall what I used to know. I mean, I read that damn book in '98 when it was released, got one of the first copies of it directly from Phelge himself and he wrote me a nice note on the book's opening page, too (kinda forgot about that, too). Yet I can't recall that part of it in regard to that song.

I really am losing my marbles. I'll be happy when January gets here and this place is over with, as I won't have to tell anymore stories wrong and make a fool out of myself, as I never mean to let out false and incorrect info, as I just did here. Yet I'll still miss a lot of the Gassers here come January and talking about stuff in general. But there is a time when you got to hang up your boots for good, and as far as me talking on message boards, that time is here. Still it makes me feel bad, too, as I'm gonna miss talking to a lot of you guys, too. Maybe Manny was right the other day, getting old can suck - at least sometimes!

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