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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Things I hate about getting older (nsc)
Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Time: 4:30:13 AM
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RE: RE: Things I hate about getting older (nsc)

Somehow I never knew that about your wives, Keno. That's interesting, to say the least, and I'd by lying if said I wasn't curious to know more lol.

I've always been a open book here about my life for the most part, as has others. But I hate retelling stories too, and sometimes I do that and after I post it I realize I already told that one! But I'm a lot like Shattered (I think it was Shattered's reply that I just read - but I can't remember now) where he talks about forgetting about stuff he knows. That happens to me a lot too, not so much on songs, but on other things, and its been happening for years now. Sometimes I think maybe it's smoking too much weed over the years, but if it's so (and deep down I don't believe it is) I don't care, since weed helped me big time to get thru my problems in life in one piece. But now that it's just me and the grandson living together, things aren't as bad as they were when he was a baby and his 2 older brothers lived here, too. If I needed one of them to clean up another mess that they made, I would called out to the one kid who made the mess, but always get the name wrong and I would go thru every name of every kid I've raised real fast until the last name I called out for was the correct one. You know, like "Keither-Cooper-Colton-Zack...!". My middle grandson would say to me, 'how can you forget my name!' - and I'll tell him I didn't, I just get them mixed up since I'm getting older and talking too fast, I grew up in NYC and everybody from there talks fast in that way.

But you asked about my wives, and now I took up too much time talking about other things (another thing I'm good at, going from one subject to another all in the same story). So talking about them now would take forever, so maybe on another reply I will. I'm also sleepy too - and that adds to forgetting things, I really need more than 4 hours a nite of sleep, but I can't sleep longer than 5 hours at once. Now that's another thing I know I posted about here in the past...

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