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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Several replies in one..
Date: Monday, October 08, 2018
Time: 12:42:50 PM
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RE: RE: Several replies in one..

Pluto wrote:

The 'story' behind the meeting of Macca, Lennon, and the Stones which resulted in IWBYM being a Stones single, I've read several differing accounts of, including the version you give Keno.

Yeah, I recall the 2 of us having a falling out once over that story (which was a ridiculous thing for us to do to say the least - for both of us). But some say Paul had already written most of the song and then he and John finished it up that night at the Stones pad - for the Stones. The second part of that story has to be true since more than one of the Stones have noted it to be so. Only question is was it totally written that night, or was it mainly written before and was just a throwaway song that they didn't want. Don't matter, the Stones made it a hit, on part thanks to Brian's great slide, while the Beatles gave it to Ringo to sing.

Manny worte:

The raspberries video maybe a 6

Wow, that surprises me coming from you manny. You usually like those kind of songs.

Gomper wrote:

The content of the album has almost nothing to do with Satan as far as I can tell. It was just an attractive and smart title for its day.

It has nothing at all to do with Satan - and that's a fact. Jagger has told the story behind the name, it had something to do with the British passports back in the '60s and the greetings that came with them, letting you know you got your passport. I can't recall 100% what it said, but it was something like "Greetings from the Queen, her royal majesties has accepted your request." I know that isn't it totally, but that's where the title came from, the wording was something like that and the Stones were making fun of it.

My picks:

Stones Poll 1: "I wanna be your man"

Stones 2: TSMR - by a hair.

Rock 1: a 10!

Rock 2: Another 10, and again, even if I dislike David Lee Roth.

Fabs: Please Please Me - and again, by a hair.

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