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Name: Shattered
Subject: First Rolling Stones T-shirt
Date: Friday, October 05, 2018
Time: 5:29:47 AM
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First Rolling Stones T-shirt

For Those That Did, What Was The First Rolling Stones T-Shirt You Bought??

I was 17 when I bought my first, a senior in high school. It was a Mick Jagger one.

It was a sudden happy time in my life. I had recently dropped 48 pounds (without trying), also I suddenly had friends. So one day I walked into a record store to maybe buy some music in Astoria, Queens, I saw T-shirts on display behind the counter, and I told the guy, "Yeah, and I'll take one of those Jagger Tees there."

"What size?"

With so much pride and conviction and a huge smile I answered, "SSSMMALL!" 😁

So later I'm walking around that same commerce section in town wearing the shirt, and a young man (looked just like Chuck Norris only shorter) was walking opposite me and as he's getting closer he's says, "Hello, I see you're wearing a shirt with a picture of Mick Jagger on it."

An instant feeling of elation permeated my insides as he acknowledged the Mickster, and the t-shirt got some attention. But he continued, "May I ask you do you idolize him?"

I didn't understand the question, I mean, idolize?? wtf? -- So he repeats, "Do you idolize him?"

See, I was still young but even at 17 I was too far behind in street smarts and social etiquette because of the cards life dealt me. I didn't understand then the connotations of 'idolize' so I think I answered, and because I'm a huge fan, I said, "Yeah, I guess. I'm a fan!" and I felt a little, I don't know, angered by that. I hadn't developed enough to say, "What are you talking about. People wear Mets & Yankees & Rangers & Knicks t-shirts. Do they idolize the players in the sports teams???"

But I didn't because I was still too green with the streets. I think I just walked away.

I realized some years later that the guy was probably a Bible-thumping Jesus freak confronting others too there, not just me, and was going to talk about Jesus. I wish I had been a Catholic then and would have known enough to say, "No stupid. You make it sound like I worship the guy. I may be a huge Stones fan, but we Catholics worship NONE but the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit! I'm a big FAN of the Stones. A FAN you asswipe. Now shut the fuck up! ~~ if only.....

Boy oh boy Gassers, I went on a rant here.

So anyway, good gassers, what was the first Rolling Stones t-shirt you bought? 👕

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