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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Were there any live shows between '82 and '89?
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Time: 2:16:17 AM
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RE: Were there any live shows between '82 and '89?

You mean between '83 and '88, as in '82 they played a ton of shows in Europe. That tour went from May thru the end of July. Then in '89 the Steel Wheels tour got underway that summer.

Other than that, there is only one show they did between '83 and '88 that I know of and I'm pretty sure there were no others - and it was in 1986 of all years, back when most of us fans and the Stones themselves felt the band was about to break up because of major tension between MJ and the rest of the group. Had Mick's solo LPs not flopped with the fans, that might have happened. But they did one single show - on Feb 23, 1986, and it was a sad event indeed, when the Stones played at the wake held for their mate, Ian Stewart, at the 100 Club in London. Stu had died 2 months before. They played 12 songs that night - and not a single one was a Jagger/Richards number, as they played all of Stu's favorites' instead, like "Rt 66, Key to the Highway, Harlem Shuffle, Little Red Rooster, Dust My Broom". I would had loved to have heard them play that last one noted, as it was, I believe, the only time that they did cover that great song. But this show was played for Stu's family and some of his closest friends only, with around 100 people at the show to witness it all. Plus there were a few others there playing that night, like Pete Townsend played, so it wasn't just the Stones playing that night.

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