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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: I Am Waiting/Neighbors/DW/12x5/Sick songs/more
Date: Monday, September 10, 2018
Time: 5:31:37 AM
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RE: I Am Waiting/Neighbors/DW/12x5/Sick songs/more

If we were voting for the SONG "I Am Waiting", it would have gotten a solid ten. But we're voting for the video. For me not a ten, but an 8. It was too dark, it took over a minute to see Mick, hell in that 1st minute I thought the guy on the far right playing guitar and doing some singing was Mick!!! 😲--- Yes it was too dark alright. Also you hardly saw what Brian was playing, only a little bit. But the vid did show all the guys well, especially after the cameraman decided to show Mick, so it got the generous '8' vote.

"Neighbors" got a TEN. Fun and entertaining.

"12 x 5" wins the versus poll. Like I've said here several times, I dig DW but those early Stones LPs meant so much to me (and were played so much!)

"Sister Morphine" ---omg did I play that side to of SF to death!!!

Undecided on the Beatles poll. Have to think about it, have to come back. Both great albums. Leaning toward "Help".

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