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Name: Shattered
Subject: Lost Jagger/Carley Simon duet found after 45 yrs!
Date: Saturday, September 01, 2018
Time: 12:24:30 PM
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Lost Jagger/Carley Simon duet found after 45 yrs!

Great article! Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff.

Mick & Carly recorded together for Carly's "No Secrets" album (released late 1972). As we all know that's Jagger's voice on "You're So Vain". When I read the album review in Billboard magazine, it said that Jagger was singing in other parts of that album too. I never owned "No Secrets" so I can't verify that, but that's what the review said.

I loved "You're So Vain" soooo much when it was brand new. I was home one dreary boring lonely Sunday and I had WPLJ-FM on the stereo. After a commercial brake, the deejay comes on and says, "And now here's a new one from Carly Simon and Mick Jagger"!

I said 'whaaaat???' I paid close attention to that song, so excited 😆!!! I absolutely adored it. I waited about 8 hours to hear it again, with a blank tape ready to record it. I had actually called the deejays during the day (got the number from Information) to ask when will it be played again.

It's funny how the deejay who played it the first time can sound so pleasant and friendly on the radio, but on the phone he had a vile and nasty attitude. 💩💩💩

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