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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: Drake what? (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: 5:32:55 AM
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RE: RE: Drake what? (NSC)

They really think Drake broke records? Drake broke my Aunt Tilly. 😲

This is so stupid. The way Billboard ranks songs in the Hot 100 is so much different now than before.

In this day and age of download purchasing, instead of a physical copy, an artist can literally have as many as ALL songs from an album on the Hot 100, which is the case with this Drake guy.

When the Beatles had the Top 5 to themselves for a week in 1964, they did it the hard way, by SELLING RECORDS, -- songs that were released as singles, -- not the bullshit way Drake had the top 7 all to himself, with the downloads.

Same with the record the Beatles held for most singles in the 100 at the same time. Drake breaks that record with 27 songs on the chart. Are they for real??

Oh yeah, what a way to break any record. This is laughable, utterly laughable.

That's not breaking records, Drake!! 😾 That's not breaking The Beatles historic records, BILLBOARD!

Just like Hank Aaron legit holds the all-time homerun record. ⚾️ Just like Roger Maris legit holds the single-season homerun record. Not the cheaters.

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