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Name: Shattered
Subject: Exercise is good BUT ..... (nsc)
Date: Sunday, July 08, 2018
Time: 6:55:22 AM
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Exercise is good BUT ..... (nsc)

.....we really have to be careful with it. I'm 61 years old. This past Thursday night I had terrible trouble breathing. Even sitting in front of the air-conditioner didn't help. Breathing in-and-out hard (like I was hyperventilating) was futile. I constantly felt like yawning hard but try as I did I couldn't complete the yawn. (That's a terrible feeling. It really added to the stress.) Somehow I finally managed to get a few hours of sleep.

The next day Friday, breathing was just a little difficult, but by Friday night the breathing was as bad, if not worst, than the night before! And this night a new symptom appeared -- dizziness and sweat, fortunately not too bad though.

But there was NO PAIN. Non at all!

Well, Friday night My wife drove me to the Emergency ward at Brookhaven Hospital. They immediately put me in a wheelchair, and hooked up a nasal cannula to help me breath. That device didn't seem to be helping me all that much at first. Maybe a little. I stayed hooked-up to it for most of my stay.

I stayed in the hospital for 16 hours. (Better than the 72 HOURS for observation I was told.)

They took blood 4 times. They did 2 EKG tests. The results of the first one was pretty good, but the second one was better.

They did a full CAT-Scan on my chest. It was all negative. Thankfully. The cardiologist wanted to do a Cardiac Stress Test but they can't do that on the weekends.

He also told me he's NEVER seen a case like this. (I think he said that because I had no pain.) He also said my Spinal Stenosis had nothing to do with my breathing hell.

Because it was Saturday and they couldn't do the stress test, and because of the progressively favorable results of all the tests, and because I was feeling much better, I got to go home Saturday (yesterday) afternoon. BUT with the stipulation that I call the cardiologist first thing Monday morning to arrange for the stress test.

Bottom line == I'm not a diagnostician, but I attribute the awful breathing experience to -- newer ways I was doing 8 different dumbbell exercises. I increased the weight from 15 pound dumbbells to 20, and I do each of the 8 exercises 3 sets, to the maximum reps, instead of one set. Plus I added some back exercises. I have Spinal Stenosis and couldn't stand up straight for 4 or 5 years now. Two rounds of physical therapy didn't help.

So what I believe happened was I wasn't breathing right during those exercises, and those two nights of the breathing nightmare was a result of the exercises and the lack of proper breathing.

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