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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: rock hall of fame ..terrorist..ssc
Date: Sunday, July 08, 2018
Time: 3:53:21 AM
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RE: rock hall of fame ..terrorist..ssc

I say still go and go right now, since it's at its safest right now since they are on guard and just caught this guy.

It's a crazy world, yes, but it has always been a crazy world, since mankind has been in control of things. People say things are at their worst right now, but really that isn't so. Things have always seemed to be at its worst. Think back 100 years ago. We had a World War going on, then just 20 years later on, a second World War! So how can things be worse than that? Yeah, we got the worst president ever at the moment, but we said the same thing back in the '50s with Eisenhower, and in the '60s when we had LBJ, and then Nixon, and back then 18 year old U.S. boys were being drafted into military service against their will and killed in some place called Viet Nam for no good reason! How can things be worse than all of that? Yeah, muslim extremists today scare most people, but that's been going on forever, and we should be afraid of all religious extremists... since they all are nuts and at the least scare most sane people.

So while life is scary and crazy, this is all we got! We can try to make it better, but as long as nutjobs like Trump and Putin are in charge, there's no real hope at all for the average person, and such bad people will always be in charge. Yep, we just got to live with it, since the people who we actually elect don't ever get into office anyway, and when they did in the past, just how much better were things? Maybe a bit better, but over all, no, things weren't really that much better. It's just how us humans are.

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