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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: "Juke Box Baby" -- nsc
Date: Friday, July 06, 2018
Time: 2:36:56 AM
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RE: "Juke Box Baby" -- nsc

Now come on, that music clearly ain't rock n roll! The music is played in the same way most of the late 1930s and the '40s swing music sounded (when there was no rock music around yet), and it sounds like a big band singer is singing the song, not a rocker. Yes, Como was always considered a pop singer, and by the late '50s almost all pop singers sang Rock music. In 1955-56 when this was released, the last of the non Rock pop songs were still coming out from record companies who didn't want to see Rock music make it. But the kids of the day loved the sound of rock and this other older music sound was pretty much dying out. This song is one of the last non rock songs of the '50s released as a pop song by a major label, and it didn't sell well at all, and within a couple of years even the hold out labels stopped releasing such songs, since the kids of the '50s weren't buying their records anymore. They saw the light and the writing on the wall - either they released rock music or they would be out of business in a very short period time.

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