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Name: Keno
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Subject: The Ronnie Wood Show to premier
Date: Wednesday, July 04, 2018
Time: 3:12:43 AM
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The Ronnie Wood Show to premier

The Ronnie Wood Show premieres on AXS on Wednesday, July 11, with a one hour special with Paul McCartney. The the next 2 shows to follow will have as guests: Alice Cooper & Ian McLagan (on July 18), followed by Slash & Kelly Jones (on July 25). You can read up on this new show here: Ronnie Wood Show on AXS

This satellite station just seems to keep getting better each month since Mark Cuban took it over as the CEO. The fact that he will get back to you and talk you and listen to your advice is very cool indeed. At least he did that for me several months ago, which I reported here at the time. He was upfront with me and answered my questions and then ask me my thoughts on how to improve the station. I could tell that he did care on how his viewers felt. But whenever you work a job with a hands-on approach like that and you do listen to the views and ideas of others, things can and will only get better for your business. That seems to be how Cuban works all of the business that he controls. A smart guy indeed!... and not too shabby a TV station at all since he took control of it.

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