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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Stones and Robert Johnson
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Time: 9:28:14 AM
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RE: Stones and Robert Johnson

At least back in the day when those songs were released, most knew they were Robert Johnson's songs, but still, many were fooled since credit wasn't given to him by Jagger/Richards. But since they were being greedy once again in stealing yet another person's songs, this time they didn't get away with it and were sued over the claim - and lost in court.

The Glimmers had claimed the copyright to the songs, since Johnson did not ever claim copyright on them, so the Glimmers again went and did the wrong thing and claimed that they wrote them to collect and really steal the royalties on the song from his estate, as the songs showed up at first on the LPs as a written by Jagger/Richards(on LIV) and the 5 band members (on SBD), with them actually claiming that the song was in the public domain. But they had done this to others in the past too often, and this time ended up being sued over these 2 songs, and lost the case, as they should have lost, and today the songs are always shown as Robert Johnson songs, since they always were, even if the Stones did change the arrangement to them a bit when the songs were released. They were allowed to claim the new arrangement credit on SBD, but not keep the copyright.

I believe that years from now, after Mick and Keith are long gone, the only blight on their names will be their stealing writing credits from others, including their fellow band members. It's one of only 2 things that personally ever got me pissed off at them as a big time fan of theirs, but where us hard nosed fans can forget and forgive them for doing this, I don't think history ever will, and I don't think anybody will ever forget that they did this way too often. If you keep doing something over and over again, you do get caught sooner or later, and these 2 songs are examples of just that fact.

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