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Name: Fatmo
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Subject: RE: are the stones the same today...
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Time: 1:29:17 PM
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RE: are the stones the same today...

It seems most creative rockers do their best work as young men. There will be exceptions but in general that seems to be true. The responsibilities that come with age dont seem to sit very easily with rock n roll. By the time of EOMS mick was just getting into all that though keith had been there a while with his kids running around Nelcote...yet in a very unconventional relationship too. Mick probably did see analogies between his life and some tumbling dice at the time....but that was all beginning to change too. Later on the lyrics were more generic and less heartfelt. Also as the stones paired off and started families the tightness between band members....mick and keith in particular....became less.....and I think they did their best work when they were really close to each other as band members. I think this is all generally true and not just about the stones.

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