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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: are the stones the same today...
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Time: 12:15:36 PM
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RE: are the stones the same today...

....there was plenty that was good that came after....but not much truly essential?

Very thought provoking thread.

First, as the years we're going by, in my opinion, the 17, 18 & 19 year olds were less mature. I mean, in the 60s the teens & twenties people seemed a lot more mature than in subsequent years.

With that said, if the Stones had finished as a group it would be '73 after that great tour that gave us Brussels. Or maybe even '74 when MT left at the end of that year.

The way I see it, times were really changing: the whole ethos of the 60s generation was pretty much gone by the mid-seventies, the Vietnam war was winding down, Nixon ended the draft, the 60s generation was getting older and it reflected on, for the most part, top-40 radio where the hits were slow, and much of it just plain sucked. There wasn't much rocking.

All this reflected on the music of the Stones. I know where you're coming from Fatmo. I've often given thought to that sort of thing too.

Let me put it this way, do you think if the Stones recorded another EOMS-type of album after the mid-70s, how do you think the public would react to it? Even if it was ten-times better than their 1972 masterpiece, I think it would be a failure. Offering another "EOMS" would be so incongruous with the times. Each of those iconic 'Big Four' albums came out at the perfect times.

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