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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: TRSN/EOMS/12x5/BB/Trains/Harmony/more
Date: Monday, June 04, 2018
Time: 5:52:15 AM
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RE: TRSN/EOMS/12x5/BB/Trains/Harmony/more

🚞 Train songs = very tough. "City of New Orleans" by Arlo Guthrie finally got my vote after so much thought.

Punk over Country Rock, although there's some damn good CR out there. But Punk is more fun.

Harmony vocals = the winner is....the Beatles with "Because".

The Beatles poll = "Revolver".


Finally, the two Stones polls:

BB over 12x5. Beggars is such a great album.

"Now" is outstanding, but EOMS has supernatural powers! 👻

Bought 'Exile On Main Street' when it was new. Rather impenetrable for me at first, I ended up literally, LITERALLY wearing it out. (Same with Sticky Fingers.) Forget it, those albums had nothing left for my poor needle to work with.

In 1980 my then girlfriend bought me both EOMS & SF as a present 🎁. --- I wore THOSE out! 😲

In 1986 (?) my wife and I bought our first CD player. (Pretty-big size.) We placed it on the wall-unit in the living-room.

I borrowed the Exile CD from the library so I can hear it on CD.

So I put on EOMS, all excited cause I'm going to play it on CD, and I go to do some work in the kitchen.

Oh my God, I had to come back to the living-room and just stare at the CD player. I'm telling ya I was utterly mesmerized! Spellbound!. I had already heard Exile about a billion times, but on CD it took on a deeper, profound meaning. I mean, it went in directions I didn't experience on vinyl. On CD, Exile had new dimensions for me.

I was hypnotized Ronnie, I'm telling ya! 😑

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