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Name: Keno
Subject: TRSN/EOMS/12x5/BB/Trains/Harmony/more
Date: Monday, June 04, 2018
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Week 984 of the Stones weekly polls is upon us right now, and as usual 2 brand new Stones polls for the week have started up. So the first Stones poll question will ask this: The Rolling Stones, Now! vs Exile On Main Street , which album do you like the best?


We get yet another new series going here in the album VS polls, this time featuring the 1965 LP The Rolling Stones, Now!. Since I name each series, I’ll call this one the: “The Rolling Stones, not Now! but many moons ago!” poll series. This LP is the last of the 1960s albums that hasn’t hosted a series yet (and there are only 2 other LPs left now overall that hasn’t hosted one yet). RSN's record in these matches is a healthy 11-6, and good for 10th place in the standings. In its first poll as the host LP, this week it takes on one of the monster LPs, that being 1972’s Exile On Main Street , which is in third place in those same standings with a record of 15-2.

To see the song list for each album, for The Rolling Stones, Now!, click here: TRSN. For Exile On Main Street, click on: EOMS.

To cast your vote in this first poll, just click on: Stones Weekly Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

The Stones second poll is where we normally run the Stones album VS matchups each week, and this week “The = 60 Polls” returns, featuring 1964's 12x5 LP. So the new question asks this: 12x5 vs Beggars Banquet, which album do you like the best?


In this series, 12x5 sports an even record of 8-8-1 and is in 14th place. It goes up against the 1968 masterpiece Beggars Banquet, which is in 4th place with a 14-3 record.

To see the song list for each album, for 12x5, click here: 12x5, and for Beggars Banquet, click here: BB.

To cast your vote in this second Stones poll, just click on: Stones Weekly Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

At the first Stones poll last week we answered this question: Bridges To Babylon vs England's Newest Hit Makers, which album do you like the best?


The last week of the “The Babylon Bridge” Polls and oh yes, we saw a landslide in this one. To check out the final results and see which LP came out on top of that landslide, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll - week 983, poll 1. >. Or, you can see the final results and check out the updated, current album standings at the Stones VS Page 1.

Looking back at last week’s second Stones poll, the question was: Out of Our Heads vs It's Only Rock 'n Roll, which album do you like the best?

or vs

This one was a lot closer than the first poll, and the ‘60s LPs won out in the end. To see the final results, just click here:Stones Weekly Poll - week 983, poll 2. Or, just as was the case with the first poll, you can see the final results and check out the updated, current album standings at the Stones VS Page 1.

Over at the Classic Rock Poll this week we enter poll week 624, and we will end up voting on 3 poll questions in this one week thanks to a tie for first in last week’s finial 10th round of the best harmony singing poll. I only decided in the last minute to run this extra poll this week, since we have waited 10 weeks now for an answer and well, we never got one, and I don’t want to wait for no more than 7 more days to get that final answer. So since I already had a new 4 part poll series ready to go for this week, I’m still gonna run it while also running the tie breaker to settle last week’s first poll, then of course, the other Rock poll of the week will be the Rock VS poll.

So the first poll’s question this week asks this: What is the best rock song about trains, or song that has 'train' in the title (Part 1 of 4)

Trains, they seem to have been around forever, and well longer than the car, or any airplanes. But I think all of us have taken rides on a train, some folks take them to work every day, and some like myself who don’t fly, take them on long trips. Yes, there are a lot of trains out there and there are a lot of songs written about them too, and this week we start up a brand new 4 week series asking for the best rock song written about trains, or any song that has a train noted in the title. Now there has to be more than just one mention of a train in a song for the song to make the list. The song doesn’t have to be 100% about trains, but if trains come up more than once in the song, then that would be good enough.

So, ‘all on board!’, it’s time to vote!… just click here to do so: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

At the second Rock poll this week, known better as the Rock VS poll, we will vote on this new question: Punk vs Country Rock, which music genre do you like more?


Week 3 of our Punk Poll where we are placing Punk music up against other forms of Rocks music's subgenres. This week Punk music takes on Country Rock, and now here we have 2 extremes in music genres for sure! Country Rock of course is usually as mellow as you can get, but then again depending on the band, they could play this subgenre a bit on the faster side, too. But unlike Punk music that just has a couple of electric guitars, one bass and a drummer, Country Rock besides having those instruments in the band, also might have a fiddle, or a banjo, some steel guitar, it may replace a bass guitar with a standup bass, and maybe throw in a harmonica to boot!

So which of these 2 genres do you like more? To cast your vote, just click on Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

Now, the extra third rock poll this week will read: Tiebreaker poll: Who were the best harmony vocalists singing in a song? (Part 11 of 11). Nope, we have never voted in a Part 11 of any poll here on the domain before, so this is a first for sure. We are down to just 2 songs left (out of the 270 that we voted on over the first 9 weeks, and then in week 10, we re-voted on the top 32 songs chosen in the first 9 parts, as having the best harmonies, and the 2 songs that will be listed in this week's poll, tied for 1st place, and will now to do battle in this special runoff VS poll. Those 2 songs were The Beatles “Because”, and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. To cast your vote in this tiebreaker, special poll, just click on Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 3” to vote on this question.

So now let me talk some more about last week’s Part 10 and that tie…as with last week’s first Rock poll, we never did answer this question: Who were the best harmony vocalists singing in a song? (Part 10 of 10) , thanks to the tie noted above. But this poll turned out to be one of our all-time closest polls that I can recall. 12 songs were tied for 10th place (including all 4 of the Stones songs) as late as early Sunday morning, and just enough votes came in to at least change that by the poll’s closing time (thank goodness!). Plus early Sunday morning every spot in the top 10 had a tie for all of those spots! In 19 years running polls on this domain, I don't recall seeing anything like these 2 things happening before that late in the voting! Plus once the voting ended, even with the highest ever number of votes cast, we still ended up with a tie for first, but at least that crazy 12 song jam for 10th place was over with. But still, lots of ties in Part 10 regardless (Did I ever note that I hate ties?).

To see the full, final results from last week’s first poll, just click here: Classic Rock Poll 1, week 623. Plus you can check out the Top 10 listing from this poll at this list page: MORE TOP TEN LISTS (List Page 14) at the Classic Rock Site.

In last week’s VS Rock poll, we answered this question: Punk vs Heavy Metal, which music genre do you like more?


I must say, I was surprised by which subgenre won this round. Just click here to see the results: Rock Poll 2, week 623. You can also check out the final results at the VS Classic poll results page at the Classic Rock site, by clicking here: VS poll page 3, list page 15.

We close out this poll post as usual with the Beatles poll, where we enter week 377 of polling, and ask this new question: Revolver vs With the Beatles, which album do you like the best?”


So next up for the revolving polls, which features the Beatles Revolver album, will be 1963’s With the Beatles, released in the UK on the same sad day that JFK was shot dead in the U.S.. WTB is pure Beatle pop, indeed! Meanwhile, Revolver is still undefeated in these battles…. will this week’s pop LP be able to beat it?

To see the song list for each album, for Revolver, click here: Revolver LP. For With the Beatles, click on: WTB.

To vote in this Revolving series, please go here: Beatles Weekly Poll.

In last week's Beatles poll we asked: Revolver vs A Hard Day's Night, which album do you like the best?”


Close polling again, but Revolver just can’t lose… again it keeps its perfect record and goes to 10-0! To see the poll results, just click here: Beatles Weekly Poll – week 376. Or, you can check out the final results at: The Beatles' Albums Page, which is located at the domain’s Lennon Site.

So that closes out this week’s poll post. It was one crazy week here for sure and I fell behind on everything it seemed, including getting the polls together for this week. So I was gonna do it early this afternoon, but around noon or so, the power went out and stayed out for a few hours and I was wondering what was I to do if it didn’t come back on? How would I get the polls published in time? Then late in the afternoon it came back on, but for the next few hours it would go on and off, all while I was trying to build the new polls. Finally got them done and then found out I would need to add in that third Rock poll thanks to the Part 10 tie. I was thinking this long day might not ever end. But now that I got this written, even if I got it done on the late side, it’s still all done, other than I still got a few links to set for the results pages – then it will be finally be all 100% done.

I thank you all for voting in the polls and for setting the all-time mark for votes cast in a single weekly poll on the domain! All those votes cast in the Rock poll and we still had a tie, Ronnie!


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