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Name: Shattered
Subject: I Am Waiting/Harmony songs/Stones, Rock & Fabs VS
Date: Monday, May 07, 2018
Time: 5:11:19 AM
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I Am Waiting/Harmony songs/Stones, Rock & Fabs VS

"I Am Waiting" gets a ten. Poor Charlie --- not much percussion on that song. 😛

The Animals -- I like those easier poll questions. 🤠 (nothing against the ZZ Top classic of course.)

Revolver edges out RS, as discussed below.

Harmony vocals --- when it comes to difficulty NOTHING beats this poll question two weeks ago where EVERY song deserved a vote. At least this week I'm able to apply some process of elimination, but still a difficult choice. I gave up and went with "Wild Horses", beautiful singing on that.

Finally, the 2nd Stones question: "Now" vs SW. --- Didn't vote yet but leaning towards SW. The question asks which do you LIKE the best, and while I've always called "Now" Rock 'n' Roll's best kept secret and I feel an iconic album, SW meant too much for me in my personal life big time. And I consider that high quality album a 9 or 9.

Help me pick one Ronnie.

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