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Name: Keno
E-Mail: eno
Subject: RE: RE: animal lovers...nsc
Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2018
Time: 3:28:02 AM
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RE: RE: animal lovers...nsc

My kids always loved animals, yet to me I always liked them and just loved the ones that were mine. But I don't like having them since I don't handle the fact that they only live so long, then they die on you and you miss then so much, since they are family. It also don't matter what kind of animal they are too, we've had several different kinds. When my oldest daughter was just a kid she somehow talked me and her mom into having 2 ferrets. I hated these things, yet I didn't deep down, since a few times I was going to set them free in the yard when the family wasn't home and tell the kids they got away, but then I couldn't do it when the time came around to set them free. I found out that I actually liked them!

Today we got a small dog who thinks he's a giant, and a crazy cat who's bigger than the dog, but that's it. I'd be lost without both of them, yet they are both starting to get old too. A close friend of mine just lost his 35 year old horse, so to get over the lost he went out and got 2 more. In the case of his new horses, they will more than likely outlive him since he's in his mid 60s now. But is that fair to the animals? I figure that if you are old and have maybe 10 years left, should you go and get a new dog or cat when they will outlive you, and then in their old age they will be the ones left alone after you die.

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