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Name: Keno
Subject: Feedback needed on the board's posting problems
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2018
Time: 9:50:04 AM
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Feedback needed on the board's posting problems

Yes, it's been a long time since this problem started up - like mid December of last year. I was talked by my host into just having them build a new board instead of fixing this old one, in part since ASP (what our board runs on) is so outdated. They gave me such a ridiculous price I said okay, then they couldn't get the job done for the price we agreed to. So in a nutshell, instead of a new board, they will try to fix this one - finally!

But this is tricky since I can't be sure where the problem lies. It seems at times that the problem goes away and other times when it's real bad, and in my case, only longer written posts and replies are affected - maybe 30% of the time. But I need to know if this is the same deal for all of you who post. In a nutshell, how often does it happen to you and does the length of the text you write in your post seem to be the issue? Also it would help big time to know what browser you used (including which version it is, if you know that), too. Now, if you post and you have never had a issue with a post not showing up - even if you only post only once in awhile, I need to know that too.

The polls and their minor problem will be looked into too, but I already got enough info on that issue.

Hell, we only got 8 months to go here, but this problem has resulted in a major drop offs in posts and replies, as you all have noticed. I am still happy to post any post that doesn't show up here for you and have a few times for a few Gassers. But I would like to see this problem fixed asap, too. So please provide feedback, via email would be best, but feel free to ask any questions you have here, too.

I'll be honest, this problem has been the worst thing for me to deal with in the 19 plus years in running this board. It's the only thing in all of these years that has resulted in lost posts and posters. Even our long time flamer isn't as bad an issue, as he actually helps to increase traffic here (and revenue), whereas this posting problem causes a major drop off in posts and replies (and revenue). So this will be the last shot at solving this issue. The problem should be fixable, but we need more info so we can find the issue faster. So please do get ahold of me with any info you can help out with, and thanks to all for hanging in there!


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