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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: : Wenner, the Stones, and Lennon
Date: Monday, March 12, 2018
Time: 12:45:06 PM
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RE: : Wenner, the Stones, and Lennon

The other negative thing about Wenner, is his Rock n Roll Hall of Fame connections and why so many rockers dislike him. He flat out is the number one problem with the Hall in regard to who does and doesn't get in. There was that one year way back where he flat out got caught fixing the vote so a rapper, I think it was Grandmaster Flash, got in over the Dave Clark Five, when DC5 had more votes than the rapper had. But asshole Wenner wanted a rap act in, guess there weren't any in yet at the time, and he fixed the vote to make that happen. Somehow that all leaked out, and he denied doing it of course, and DC5 got in the next year. But the reason why a band like the Monkees never got in is directly becuse of Wenner, if he didn't like their managers, he shut them out from even being nominated. I bet you if this jerk would just allow a band like the Monkees to be voted on, they would get in on the first round.... unless Wenner went and fixed the vote again, that is!

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