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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Adam and the Ants
Date: Monday, March 05, 2018
Time: 11:16:46 AM
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RE: RE: Adam and the Ants

I flat out hated Adam and the Ants, what a load of untalented nobodies, a typical New Wave garbage band that didn't know how to play their instruments, IMO.

I didn't know that 3 of them formed Bow WoW Wow, but that group was yet another untalented band with a hit single, "I Want Candy", that did sound good - but it totally and 100% seemed to copy the original version of that hit song which was a even bigger hit for The Strangeloves. Yet The Strangeloves weren't a real band either, the famous songwriters of the song, Bert Berns, Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer just decided instead of giving away yet another one of their songs, to record this one themselves, and it turned into a hit for them, and then a fake band was formed to go out on tour singing the song and who knows what else for them.

As far as Bow WoW Wow went, they became more famous when their female lead singer, Annabella Lwin, posed nude at 14 and her mother demanded that Scotland Yard investigate the band for child porn, yet the guys in the band who put her up to it got off scott free in the end. I like most rock fans saw some of the photos in question, since they were all out there to be seen, including two harmless ones that showed little and were on 2 of their album covers, but no, she did look older than 14 in them. That mess is yet another reason why I suggest a different set of legal rules be made for teens versus adults, since teens are a special class of people indeed. As Alice Cooper sang on the song "I'm 18": "I'm a boy and I'm a man", yes, teens fall into that strange middle ground category of being both, so while they shouldn't be treated like preteens, they shouldn't be treated as full gown adults yet, either. I mean, here is a link to one of the album covers of Lwin nude. I bet you all seen it before and didn't realize how old (well young) she was in the photo. But does she look like a little child to you, or a young adult? Well we all know that preteen girls don't have fully developed breasts yet, and Lwin doesn't look like she's only 14 in this photo. But then again, she was, so like I just noted, there should be some kind of middle ground for teens when dealing with legal issues like this.

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