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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Dave Mason Says...
Date: Thursday, March 01, 2018
Time: 11:59:56 AM
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RE: Dave Mason Says...

Did he actually say that? The argument has been out there since the song was released - that it wasn't Keith, but I always have heard Keith's guitar on there and nobody else's.

The 2 main people noted as playing the solo instead of Keith was either Mason or Jimmy Page. Then others have claimed it was Brian. But with Mason and Page, I think that if one of them had played what was the greatest guitar solo ever heard in a rock song (IMO), they would have claimed this years ago. Of course, Brian died months later and couldn't. So why now, almost 50 years later, would Mason finally say it was he? Plus if it was Page, why hasn't he ever said he played it? If I recall, he was working on his new band, Led Zep, when this song was put together, so where would he find the time to play with the Stones at this point?

Now don't forget, 90% of the song, back then it was being made, was filmed. While I'm sure it isn't Brian playing the solo, if Keith wanted to cover up that fact, he easily could, with BJ dying less than a year after it was made and only months after its release. Plus Keith did that before, on other parts Brian played, he claimed he played the part when he didn't. I still to this day hear the lie going around that Brian didn't play any guitar at all after '67 because he wasn't in any shape to do so. That of course was a total BS lie - to the highest core. Keith early on didn't deny that it wasn't he playing the great slide on "No Expectations", while he knew it was Brian playing, mainly because sooner or later he had to know that the live clip of Brian playing the slide for the song at the Circus would see the light of day. We also know from the movie of them making the song, that yes, Brian did in fact play guitar in the sessions for SFTD, and that was all he played. Plus in the earliest parts of the film, where they aren't recording (if I recall correctly), we first see Brian and Mick playing guitar together in the studio, not Keith, while yes, Brian was playing the lead to the song on guitar. But then Keith does show up there, and right there you can hear the difference between Brian's guitar playing and Keith's, and the solo on this song sounds more like Keith's playing style than BJ's.

The thing with that film, is they show about everything it seems that made it on to the song, other than the lead guitar solo, which was recorded last. But I still feel it was Keith. Just where was Page or Mason if they were there playing along with the band? They weren't there! Even Brian, who supposedly missed most of the BB sessions (that was again, nothing but another lie of course) is there for most of what we see. And yes, Nicky Hopkins was shown there on the keys for all the sessions, too. I guess Rocky Dijon, who added in the congas, was the only player who wasn't shown in the movie (or was he?). But all the others were, but no, there wasn't any Page or Mason anywhere to be seen.

Bottom line, it's Keith on there. But I would like to hear what Mason had to say on this, too. If he was to say something along the lines that 'I've been telling people that I played the guitar solo on SFTD for years and nobody has reported this or heard me say this', then I just might believe him. But I never have heard this from him, only from his fans (and yes, I've seen him live too. He played here in my home town's music fest the first year I lived here, 15, 16 years ago, and I don't recall him saying a word about this song).

But it's the same deal with all 3 of these guys and this song. With Page, it's only his fans who argue this, while the same exact deal goes with Mason, only his fans claim it's him playing the solo, and then with Brian too, only his fans are the ones to claim who we hear on there is BJ playing the solo. I could buy the argument that is was Brian who suggested that they change the song around to what it turned into, yes, as Brian is heard making suggestions to changes in the movie. But no, I don't think it was he on the guitar on there.

To those who say Keith doesn't play lead guitar that way, well while he might not normally play in that way, he has in the past. Think of the song "Monkey Man", his guitar licks are played in that same fashion on that one. Or was Mason or Page in the studio on that day, too? It couldn't been BJ on that one, since it was recorded when his hand was still in a cast.

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