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Name: Keno
Subject: It's March, and still.....
Date: Thursday, March 01, 2018
Time: 4:25:18 AM
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It's March, and still.....

.... no new board yet! When it comes to being a good host, AIT has treated me cool enough, and I've been with them since the late 1990s (a very long time in web years), but whenever I hired them to do tech work, like now - in building me (us) a new board, they are as slow as molasses.

I guess the guy in charge of this work was building the domain a totally different board that what I asked for and what was stated in the contract we signed. This past Monday the new board should have been totally ready to go live, but when I talked to them that morning, they were a couple of days behind, not a major big deal, but then I found out they were building a monitored only board, and one without a password/registration system! The guy who signed the contract with me must not have bothered to read what he signed and claimed all we talked about was a monitored board, when that wasn't true at all, and it states in said contract that the new board would work both ways. He also stated he never promised me a new board in 9 business days, when he absolutely did. But that was the only thing not stated in the contract we signed.

So anyway, they had to start over from scratch on this project, although I guess some of the work they already done can be kept in place, like getting some of the plugins to still work. But where I knew we would have a new board by yesterday the latest, today I have no clue when we will see it up here.

They also seem to be working on the new polls, too, when I told them to only work on the board, as our polls are fine and didn't need working on until after they delivered the new board.

So yes, I'm frustrated that it looks like there will be no new board by the time this week is up and I was really hoping that by today, March 1, it would be up and running. It still will happen, I just have no clue when. Could be all done by tomorrow - or for that matter, maybe a full month from now? Well no, it won't take a month, but then again, I first asked these guys about a new board in mid December of last year, and now it's March and still nothing! So we'll just have to hang in there until they get it done. Yes, I know many posts are not showing up and that has caused a major drop off in new posts being made here. But I'm not gonna accept from them anything less than what I ordered, either. So the waiting continues, and as our late friend Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part!". It's also a pain in the ass, Ronnie!

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