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Name: Keno
Subject: I hate to post this... but...
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
Time: 2:58:31 AM
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I hate to post this... but...

..... the board is messing up again and not posting all posts! It happened twice to me this week and to at least a few others from the emails I got in. I was hoping that the new board would have been finished by now, but it isn't, and the temporary fix I put in a few weeks ago is no longer working. Well it worked for a few weeks anyway, but now things are back to where they are now. So that sucks!

I realize when you write out a post and then it doesn't show, that will discourage most from posting again. I am sorry about that, but as I was doing late last year when this problem first was happening, if you write out a post and it doesn't show up - then please just send what you wrote to me via email and I will post it for you. I just did that below for Kiwi Jim, and in the past for a few others. I don't mind doing this until the new board is ready, I mean it's better than no posts being made.

Again, I'm sorry for this problem, and for how long the new board is taking to be finished, but in trying to get the new board to be just like this one is the problem. Even when message boards were popular years ago, they weren't set up like this one was. But that's why so many liked this joint, since it's threads were set up differently. So for the last 11 months we have left here, I want the new board to be the very same way it is now, minus the problems. I rejected the first board that was offered, so now another one is being worked on. When it's ready, well, that's when we can start using it, but no time sooner. So please hang in there, and again, if you make a post and it doesn't show up, save it and sent it to me, and I'll post it for you.

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