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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: SW/ENHM/DC/Spoken words in a song/more!
Date: Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Time: 10:57:05 AM
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RE: RE: SW/ENHM/DC/Spoken words in a song/more!

As far as Barry White goes, you might want to suggest a song by him for next week (but one that's rock related), since I don't have any listed as of now for him. He does have a cool voice, but I don't really listen to him at all and can't think of a tune of his with spoken words off hand.

SW is that one LP that I never agreed with my fellow fans on. I was so very busy running my business when it came out, that it was the on Stones new album at the time that I didn't buy as soon as it came out. I was a good 2 months late in getting it, but I heard all of those great reviews at the time for it. So I looked forward to getting it, and when I did, I was more disappointed in it than any of their albums. In fact, there never up until that time was a Stones album that I did at least like at the start. I even liked DW more at first when I first played it over SW. In time SW grew on me a bit, to where DW tanked early on for me. Today SW is my second least liked Stones LP and IMO, cleary the most overrated one by the Stones. As far as the most underrated song on it? "Continental Drift", that one I always liked and it was underrated. In the other polls, in the Stones LP VS poll: Here I go again talking about an overrated LP, that being the poll's leader right now, DC, their most overrated LP from the '60s. Not that I don't like it, I do, but it's overrated, and their debut LP is much better, IMO. Yet that one seems to get beat up in these questions.

I went with Ozzy's "I am iron man" spoken words. I'm not even a fan of BS or Ozzy, but those simple stated words, and in the way they were spoken, just set that song off better than any other rock song perhaps. Yet there are several listed that I could have gone with and by the time the final round comes around, and I could change my mind on which one I pick in the end... maybe.

The VS Rock poll, The Bowie "Changes" by at least a light year!... Then for the Beatles poll, I went with Beatles For Sale, and here I go again, although I liked the Pepper LP, that one, just like the Stones SW, is, IMO, the most overrated Beatles album. Did I ever ask that question at the Beatles poll? I need to check and see if I did or not, but I know what my vote would be for. YS would be their most underrated LP, IMO.

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