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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: E: Does death worry you?
Date: Friday, February 02, 2018
Time: 12:33:10 PM
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RE: E: Does death worry you?

First to bluesboy, I'm happy you decided to share this with the rest of the board. You told me about this about a year ago and asked me not to tell anybody here, and I didn't, but I think it's good you now did, since again, I do believe in special powers and special energy, even if I don't believe in the kind of God most people believe in. But letting everybody here know - well now, since you are so well liked here, you now got all of that special, positive energy that is in all of us Gassers and lurkers, and they are sending all of that positive energy to you, even if they don't know it! That kind of energy coming from your friends will help you in a good way, even if it's only a mental way of helping you! But it could even be more than that, too. I recall when I almost died about 10 years ago, I came real close to meeting the grim reaper, and my daughter Jackie was posting here back then and she filled in as the webmaster for me, as when I got out of the hospital I couldn't move or stand up for about a week as it was. But Jack shared what happened to me to all here after a few days she brought me her laptop to see all of the positive replies and well wishers that my fellow Gassers sent me, and damn did that lift my spirits and help me heal! I always believed in and felt these powers within us coming from others, but I don't understand them either, but they are there and this positive energy helps others when we share it with others.

To Fatmo, sounds like you had one of those "crisis apparitions", or something close to that, but I guess they happen even if again, I don't believe in ghosts myself. People are experiencing something there, I totally believe that part of it. How can I not believe a part of it, after something close to that happened to me?

Damn, got in a few emails already on my story, and at least 2 of you Gassers also have experienced something like this. One thing I can say for sure, is it's nice to know I wasn't alone in experiencing this.

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