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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: material posessions...ssc
Date: Thursday, February 01, 2018
Time: 2:08:15 PM
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RE: RE: material posessions...ssc

My wife and I are ever the minimalists (especially her!!)

But when I was working, I was into electronics, ( radios, MP3 players, speakers, CD, recording....) so I sure had a lot of wires, and gadgets. (But not anymore.)

Also, I think in such a way as to prepare for emergencies, not just for my family but for everybody, since I can't stand human suffering of any kind. So in my car's trunk I had powerful jump-starters -- ordered online -- the REAL powerful ones, like from "Jump 'n Carry", I had tow-strap, rope, shovel, hydraulic jack, tall boots in case my 'services' were needed where someone's stuck in the mud, or water. Believe me, it's such a good feeling to successfully jump-start a stranger's dead battery! So elating. And then in 2006 I got On-Star so I can safely call for help when I saw a disabled vehicle.

Anyway, these days it's so easy to NOT have books and music cluttering up the house, thanks to external hard drives, and my Kindle. 📚

Television has some hoarding shows. Do a "hoarding" search for your area and system. You won't believe what you see on these shows!

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