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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: Does death worry you?
Date: Thursday, February 01, 2018
Time: 1:48:41 PM
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RE: Does death worry you?

Death itself does not frighten me at all. But it's HOW I die that causes angst. Dying peacefully in bed is one thing, and the preferred way, but will I go that way? I hope so.

Another worry I have about dying is going too soon. I at least want my daughter to finish college and beyond, and be settled.

Anyway, back to not being frightened, as a Catholic I very much believe that when the body dies, the "life energy" inside does not die. It has to go somewhere, because man can neither create nor destroy energy. We manipulate it, but not create it. I believe in the afterlife.

Not everybody here in Gasland believes the way I do and I totally respect that! 👍

When I was growing up I wanted so much to commit suicide. I was scared to death NOT at the prospect of dying, but scared of SURVIVING the attempt! Scared that my failed attempt would cause me a fate worse than death. I needed a guarantee.

Well, anyway, I know I'll see you all in the next world --- don't be late! 😇

Didn't you play with Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie??

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