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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: The internet
Date: Thursday, February 01, 2018
Time: 7:54:26 AM
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RE: RE: The internet

...Alex sitting on his bed with a very small disc thing he used to play his music with....

Reading that sure conjures up a memory = we had a legendary album/progressive rock station here in the NYC area, 102.7 WNEW-FM. A very very Stones-friendly station. Revered disc-jockey Dave Herman started there in May of 1972, usually working the morning 6AM - 10AM shift.

Check this out >==> in 1997 WNEW honored Dave Herman and his then 25th anniversary of his debut show!! How did they honor him? By not only replaying his entire epochal four-hour inauguration show, but the ENTIRE 24 hours of that day's programming, as if it was that day!!! 😲 (May 12th??? 1972)

I happened to be scheduled off that day and I was able to get over 22 hours of it on cassette tape, thanks to multiple recorders, and timers. It's really too bad those tapes got lost somehow. 😱😰

So, about Alex in the movie playing his music with his very small 'disc thing', Dave Hermann had Roger McGuinn in the studio for a live interview!! (That was cool!) At one point they were talking about how they heard that some time in the distant future music will be played using some sort of laser-beam instead of a needle, and both humorously dismissing the idea feeling that it could never happen.

Is that something or what!

You know what was really cool about listening to all that 1972 programming? It was the day that WNEW-FM happened to get the Stones new album EXILE ON MAIN STREET, on that day, a few days before the stores did (which was typical.)

So all that nostalgic enjoyment was further augmented by new EOMS songs and the commercials for it, and all the DJs going crazy over it all day.

I miss those days when FM radio was great Ronnie.

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