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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: material posessions...ssc
Date: Thursday, February 01, 2018
Time: 5:35:28 AM
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RE: RE: material posessions...ssc

Good question manny, and yes JJ, you said it for me, you just look at thing differently when you get older and things that once were important years ago just aren't as important today.

Manny I recall a few years ago when our Gassy friend Gina won the old Gasland lottery's first place prize and asked me to give it to you because as she put it, she was trying to get rid of things at her age and not collect anything anymore, remember? She even noted it to me just a few months ago in an email to me. But I can't even recall now what it was she won, but I bet you still have it. I also recall my mom in her last 10 years or so not wanting any gifts given to her on her birthday or Xmas for the same reason, telling us to instead give any gift money we saved for her to her favorite charity instead.

For myself I'm the same way now. My birthday was last week and my daughter gave me several gifts, and other than a very cool Bob Marley tee shirt, the other small gifts she gave me were things you can't really buy, like 2 cool see-thru stones she found in the ground in last half year that to me were priceless. One thing living in Colorado is if you if dig down into the earth in the right places, you will find some of the most interesting rocks/ stones. Me and her mom used to do that a lot years ago, and she got into that as a kid because of us, and she still does it today. Where she lives now, an hour south of here, is a treasure trove of stuff to be found if you just look. It's also real good all around my land too, as we got this dry creek bed an acre away and my kids find things in there often enough. But I haven't looked there myself in several years now, as looking for and collecting old things isn't as important any longer to me. As JJ noted, family is more important than anything else to me too at my age, and I miss my late wife today real bad. Just sitting around talking to her and reminiscing about old times was priceless, and while I can do that a bit with the kids, they of course can't go as far back in time as the 2 of us could. But that's the thing, just talking to loved ones about old times is as great or better than looking at old keepsakes.

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